The hands of American mercenaries over Ukraine, in 2021 Time revealed the maximum plan of the Academy (formerly Blackwater)

The hands of American mercenaries over Ukraine, in 2021 Time revealed the maximum plan of the Academy (formerly Blackwater)

Two years ago, founder Prince had launched a program to hire and create a small army of war veterans in Kyiv and buy part of the country’s military-industrial complex, becoming a global giant. Biden’s election threw everything away

Meetings in Kyiv and schedule

by timePrince is alleged to have held several “high-level meetings in Kyiv” to carry out his plans. The American businessman had also drawn up a “road map” to achieve his goals, including the acquisition of factories in Ukraine that produce engines for combat aircraft and helicopters, as well as the creation of munitions factories in the country and the union of the best domestic airlines and aviation to compete with the most important companies on the planet .

Erik Prince’s role in the Ukrainian military industry

Eric Prince’s full plan, obtained by the magazine, dates back to June 2020. Documents obtained by Time magazine reveal that the program would have given Prince a central role in the Ukrainian military industry, which at the time was primarily involved in the Donbass conflict. Several proposals require approval from the Ukrainian government, including approval for the creation of a new private military company made up of veterans of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

private military company

Another element of the plan showed a partnership between Ukraine’s intelligence service and Lancaster 6, a private military company already involved in Africa and the Middle East on Prince’s behalf. This report, which required the approval of the Verkhovna Rada, would have allowed the construction of a “state-of-the-art training center”, as well as the creation of a special military operation.

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The end of the Trump era and the mistrust of Biden’s presidency However, Prince’s plan changed at the end of 2020 with the defeat of Trump. If the businessman had obtained a second term in the White House, the businessman would have turned the agreed project in Ukraine into reality, also thanks to the mediation of Zelensky’s presidency of businessman Andrei Artemenko and parliamentarian Andrei Derkach, after many months of work. negotiations. But with Biden’s election, things changed: Prince actually had to contend with the mistrust of the new president’s advisers and change course in managing the Ukraine crisis.

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