The Ministry of Culture has reconfigured the support lines for dubbing and subtitling films in the Catalan language to adapt to new consumption habits. It was created with the needs of cinema distributors in mind, and has been modified to put the platforms on the same level, so they can directly apply for subsidies to dub and translate their original content.

In addition, a greater diversity of content is accepted to expand the audiovisual offer in the Catalan language. Therefore, grants can also be requested for dubbing and subtitling non-fiction productions, such as feature films and documentaries. the factswhich has a growing presence on platforms.

Also for the first time, there will be audio description aids in Catalan and simultaneous interpretation in Catalan Sign Language.

On the other hand, companies will be able to request financial support for dubbing and subtitling films in the Occitan language.

The Ministry also emphasizes that the rules increase the minimum rates for dubbing and translation, something that has not happened since 2015.

More money in subsidies

In parallel, the Ministry of Culture will allocate 6.9 million euros for dubbing and subtitling films in the Catalan language. Specifically, it will be 4.4 million for platforms and 2.5 for cinema. These are the initial allocations. If the government budget is approved, the number will rise to 8 million.