TSJC confirms that Girona has terminated Molly's business contract

TSJC confirms that Girona has terminated Molly's business contract

TSJC confirms that Girona has terminated Molly's business contractMark Marty Font

A new ruling exonerates the Girona City Council in the decision it took in February 2020 not to grant a new extension to the company Comsa Service Facilities Management to continue work on the power plant in Muli. The company had filed an appeal against the first decision of the Girona courts. The TSJC's new ruling notes that the work should have lasted 15 months, and that when it took 25 months, only 28% of the project was completed. The company was commissioned to convert the building into offices for municipal economic services, but the slow implementation sparked a government reaction.

It was actually the second company and the second project. The first tasks were to create a civic center and a nursing home for the elderly who were left without a place in Carrier Grouper. We are going By Actia Iniciativas SLWhich went bankrupt after a month of working there. He offered 874,357.53 Euros The starting price was 1,245,701 Euros. With the work halted, the elders increased the pressure to announce that the building did not convince them, and in the end, the association ended up getting a place in the Plaza Jordi de Sant Jordi.

New works were awarded to Comsa Facilities Management Company for €1,025,801. The work was supposed to last about fifteen months and be completed in May 2019. But the discovery of medieval remains from the fourteenth century forced to reconsider the deadlines but also to slow down the work. In February 2020, the city council decided to terminate the contract with the construction company, but a lawsuit was filed in several ways. Now, TSJC has once again proven the City Council right.

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Currently there is a third project. The Municipal Economic Services offices will be located in a building provided by General Government on Oltonia Street and it has not been determined what will be located there, although they will be offices. One option could be the water company's headquarters, currently located in Carrer Ciutadans, which would be temporarily based in La Farinera. The temporary business union (UTE) formed by Aglomerats Girona SA and Construccions J.Pallàs SL recently resumed He works in the mill. They have a total cost of 1,473,1512 euros – Funded by Next Generation Funds.

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