“He was a fellow, great stuff”

“He was a fellow, great stuff”

Sunday in

The rapper in Milan says he was subjected to some insults by one of his colleagues

chaos Sunday inwith insults directed at him videos. The background does not refer to the current season on the air, but to the final season, more precisely to the episode that aired after the episode’s conclusion. Sanremo Festival 2021. At the festival, the rapper, together with Francesca Michelin, took second place with the song “Call me by name”. But for some of his teammates, the excellent arrangement seems to have gone wrong (the Fedez-Michielin tandem was only defeated by the luxurious Maneskins). Hence the insults. The Milanese singer himself spoke about the sad episode during the last episode of the podcast “Wild Moss”. Chiara Ferragni’s husband preferred not to reveal the identity of the person who spoke the swear words, even if he excluded some important names on which the suspicions focused.

The unfortunate accident occurred in Dressing rooms at Dominica Inn, the day after the conclusion of the 2021 San Remo Festival (according to tradition, Mara Vinier gave space to all the festival heroes). “I will never mention the name, but an artist after we finished the festival, from Mara Vinier, sent me to that country – Fides explained -. We were in the room and everyone was welcomed. I also saluted this person. After he welcomed him he literally sent me to that country because I got to the podium. He told me I didn’t deserve it. I can tell it was really powerful stuff.”

The confession was heard by some of the guests present at the “Muschio Selvaggio”. Among them, Tananai who asked the rapper if he accidentally uttered insults dead sands who finished third in San Remo 2021.”No, it was actually very cute – Fedez replied -. I won’t say who he is, but he was a singer competing in Sanremo”.

The rapper added other details, confirming that he lived the story in a less than calm manner: “I was very upset. I was sick and thought ‘what a bad thing’. Even if you think such a thing do not tell me. He told me terribly. He said something like “Don’t say hi to me, no, you shouldn’t have finished second, you damn music you won.” Ugly. This weird stuff in the locker room just happens to me I guess. Why do I attract these bad things? I’m not explaining it.”

Fides insulted him on Sunday in the ranks of San Remo singers 2021: Here are the eligible names

It’s hard for me manskin, the winners of the “Shut up and Good” contest, in general ecstasy, smeared themselves with a similar situation. Achille Lauro, with whom Fedez created the song “Mille” that became one of the top summer hits for Summer 2022 (Orita Berti was also involved in the collaboration), will also be left out. The rapper also appears to have referred to a male artist, narrowing the field to the following names: Willie Beauty, Francesco Renga, Max Gazie, Gio Evan, Colabis Dimartino, Random, Pogo, Gamon, Fulminaci, Fasma Aiello, and Le Social. State representative and list.

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