The Google Home app will turn your smartphone into a remote control for your TV

The Google Home app is starting to integrate basic controls for TVs, so are you Use your smartphone as a remote control no matter you have a Nest Hub or a TV with Google TV.

Users who are a few years behind will remember the “irDA port” found on cell phones of the past, with which it was also possible to control televisions at home.

Google Home decided to take over this function with an app design refresh that started last summer. Some controls are indeed possible, but only through the Nest Hub.

Some users with TVs compatible with Google Assistant and Google Home who participated in the app’s public preview noted that instead TV controls are now available directly through the Google Home app.

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There are commands for turning the TV on and off, changing channels and selecting sources, raising and lowering the volume, there is a mute button and those for playing and pausing multimedia content.

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It is not necessary to have a TV running the Google TV operating system. above reddit There are reports of people using the feature on Google Assistant-enabled LG TVs, and Samsung TVs connected via SmartThings.

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