In protest against the “cruel digitalization” of trade

In protest against the “cruel digitalization” of trade

(ACN) More than a hundred people demonstrated on Friday afternoon on Paseo de Gracia for Protest against “cruel digitalization” Trade that “threatens” jobs. The protest, called by the CGT union, stopped at the doors of stores such as H&M and the Inditex group to point out Huge gains.“Which they had last year, there are ‘two or three left’ for human trade. “There must be a fair distribution among employees.”CGT representative, Anibal Maestro, told ACN.

Regarding digitalisation, CGT has ensured this Nearly 28% of the nation's jobs are at “high risk” due to the “continuous” advance of automation. They warn that this is a higher percentage than the OECD average It affects mostly female sectors.. “Digitization leads to unjustified dismissals and fundamental changes in workers' conditions and makes them precarious,” said H&M's CGT spokesman, Javier Paraiso. Along these lines, he confirmed that in the case of H&M, 17 people were laid off last year.

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