Science explains how the brain regulates the passage of time

Science explains how the brain regulates the passage of time

ROME, July 21, 2023 (Agenbio) — Scientists at Champalimaud Research’s Learning Laboratory have shown how the brain regulates the passage of time. there researchconducted on rats and through temperature, understood how the so-called “population clock” works and how the brain maintains a sense of fluid time, possibly shaped by the dynamics of neural networks scattered in a brain region.

Study author Joe Patton explained, “Every time a stone is dropped, it creates ripples that radiate across the surface in a repeatable pattern. By examining the patterns and locations of these ripples, one can infer when and where a pebble fell into the water. Just as the speed at which the ripples move can vary, so can the rate at which these patterns of activity progress in neuronal populations.” (Agenbio) Anna Lavinia 9:00.

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