Olympia Milano after Baskonia | miracle. Let's go to the Pavilion, but let's wait for the heroes

Olympia Milano after Baskonia |  miracle.  Let's go to the Pavilion, but let's wait for the heroes

Olympia Milano after Baskonia. December 28, 2023. The Miracle of the Forum. There are no other conditions. Whoever underestimates is in bad faith. Everyone who took to the field took a piece of this season's history. From this administration.

Without the top three scorers in the EuroLeague. without pilot. No new play. Five players are not given to anyone. And if you don't have something inside, you won't bring this result home.

The works are intended for adults. Niccolò Meli first and foremost. Team captain. leader. Guide. 21 points in double figures in the second quarter. Rebounds, passes and blocks. There is always a play from him in crucial moments. He has been the best defender in Europe for years, let's hope they understand that one day in Europe too.

But he is also there in attack. Because heroes feel urgency and necessity. In fact, it creates conditions of calm for Johannes Voigtmann, who can unleash his attacking talent through minutes and space. As well as being the only real alternative to regression.

Ettore Messina may be a dictator, but the team follows him. This is another fact. You can criticize situations, ways of being, and results. There is no doubt that the walls he built are still there. Standing. Beautifully resistant.

There will be a lot to say about Baskonia. From the impact of Diego Flacadore to the defense of Stefano Tonot, from the sacrifice of Devon Hall to the value of Kyle Haynes. But let's go further, for once.

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There are no regrets. Because if it weren't for some of Mark's mistakes, there might have been no miracles with Barcelona and Baskonia. There are no new writing hierarchies. The wingmen may have created the conditions for the heroes to wait. But in the end, Milan's season will have to be written by them. Napier, Shields, and Mirotic. Now we can wait for them with greater confidence.

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