June 6, 2023

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Stray, the developers present the real cats that inspired the protagonist – Nerd4.life

stray It will put us on top of a friendly stray struggling with a decadent city in the future. However, the character was not born out of nothing, but was inspired by three real cats Which the developers wanted to introduce to the audience: Murtaugh, Oscar and Jun.

On July 19, Serana Stray checks out a cat Which aesthetically refers to the first of these macarons, murto: a stray He, too, was found on the streets of Montpellier and adopted by a member of the company.


However, it was Oscar who gave his soul to the protagonist of the game: it was the Sphynx who was present in the offices of BlueTwelve Studio almost every day and lent himself to show the animators how to make it. Realistic movements At the same time, from a dynamic point of view, Play.


Finally, there’s John, who played an imperative management role within the project, meticulously checking that everyone is doing their best work and constantly monitoring progress in making the game.


It will be really interesting to see how the creators of Stray combined these elements to create their own unique adventure, which is available at launch for free to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers.

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