The former Tottenham and Juventus coach had leukemia –

The former Tottenham and Juventus coach had leukemia –
From Salvatore Reggio

He was sick with leukemia. Known as the “Marines”, he was always the best player in the Juventus team in the era of Giroudeau and Moggi.

football screams Gian Piero Ventroni, the iron sports coach of Antonio Conte, is now in the Premier League at Tottenham, but for many years at Juventus. He died suddenly, Thursday morning, October 6, in Naples, at the age of 62, from the consequences of his recently diagnosed leukemia.

Known as the “Marines” for his tough and exhausting training sessions, he was a The best player in Juventus from the era of Antonio Giroudo and Luciano Moggi. In fact, Ventroni associated his name for ten years with Juventus, at that time being coached by Marcello Lippi, the former coach of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. He was one of the Bianconeri’s strengths in the years of Lippi (he won the old lady’s last champions, at Olympique in 1996 on penalties against Ajax, the current champion) and Carlo Ancelotti, today at Real Madrid after winning titles all around.

After a long experience in Turin, he worked as an assistant coach for the Ajaccio season in France, then as a sports coach again for Catania and for Chinese clubs in Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou Evergrande. Ventrone returned to Europe in 2021 called him Antonio Conte, known when the current Tottenham coach was a Juventus player. He wanted him so badly at Tottenham, and with him in London he mastered the sporting preparation of Tottenham. This summer, his coaching knocked out the entire London team during the Asian Tour in South Korea. Basically, Ventrone’s working methods proved really cumbersome. Even Britain’s Sun newspaper described his endurance training as “brutal running sessions”. Then the newspaper documented a day of training Tottenham in the Asian country. The newspaper pointed out that the fatigue was so much “that Harry Kane was sick in the sticky humidity of South Korea.” Even winger, ex-Juventus, Kulusevsky lost that day after half an hour due to a calf problem, while the others initially gave the impression that they were fine, despite the heat. At that point Ventrone required the players to do 42 laps of the field. In the end everyone collapsed to the ground, even the local idol Son Heung Min who did everything to resist so as not to look bad in front of his compatriots.

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