The first execution in Iran since the start of the protests. Guardian: Police shoot women in the face, chest, and genitals

The first execution in Iran since the start of the protests.  Guardian: Police shoot women in the face, chest, and genitals

Not only did the security forces crack down and kill street clashes, starting today as well executioner Start hitting the ongoing anti-government demonstrations Iran For more than two months, due to the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa AminiThe young woman who died while in custody Moral police He arrested her for improperly wearing a hijab. Actually, it is The first death sentence a demonstrator, Mohsen Shukrarrested during the protests, as announced by the judiciary in Islamic Republic. Security forces Tehran They continued to shoot the protesters who took to the streets and the doctors he met guardian They reported that women generally come Hit on the face, chest and genitalsunlike men. Meanwhile, a new member of the Supreme Leader’s family, Ali Khameneilashes the ayatollah: “My brother is a tyrant”He wrote in an open letter to printing sister, Badri Hossein Khamenei.

Shekari was charged with banditry, rioting, taking a weapon with intent to kill, and intentionally wounding an officer in the line of duty. The judiciary said that the session was held on November 10 and the accused confessed to the charges against him. So, after the guilty verdict, the guy was hanging On the morning of December 8, after his conviction by a revolutionary court in “Enmity against God”. Organizations fighting for human rights in the country are sounding the alarm: Mahmoud Al-Amiri, presenterboss Human rights in Iranwhich is based in Norway, tweeted that executions of protesters would begin daily unless confronted by Iranian authorities “Quick practical consequences at the international level”.

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So far, 11 people have been arrested during street demonstrations in different cities of the Islamic Republic and have been sentenced to death. Sentences based on the reading provided by the Iranian establishment, according to which the protests are instigated by the country’s external enemiesThus, he ordered the security services to “deal with them decisively.” At least so far 475 demonstrators were killed And the 18,240 were arrestedAccording to the Human Rights Activists News Agency Harana which also reported the killing of 61 security personnel.

And the repression continues unabated. The guardian He gave many interviews Doctors and witnesses Accordingly, the gunshot wounds found on the bodies of demonstrators and demonstrators are generally different. If the pellets from the system rifles generally hit the first time legsin buttocks and l BackFor women, the most affected parts are the face, chest, and genitals.

The position of Iranian leaders has sparked outrage and protests from many inside and outside the country, including some close to the Supreme Leader. After the arrest of Khamenei’s niece, Farida MaradkhaniFor her support of the protesters, it is now the mother of a woman and the sister of an ayatollah who is critical of her brother: “The Iranian people deserve freedom and prosperity, and His revolution is legitimate It is necessary to obtain your rights. I hope to see the people triumph and bring this down soon tyranny Who rules Iran? “I hope that the just struggle of the people to achieve freedom and democracy will happen as soon as possible,” he wrote in the letter, which was published by the Turin newspaper. He then added, “In the name of God, losing a child and being away from your child is a great grief for every mother. Many mothers have been left in mourning over the past four decades. I think it is now appropriate to mention that.” I object to my brother’s actions I express my sympathy to all the mothers who have been crying over the crimes of the Islamic Republic regime for days Khomeini to the present era The authoritarian succession of Ali KhameneiThe Iranian leader’s sister concludes her letter, explaining that “our family’s opposition and struggle against this criminal regime began a few months after the revolution. The crimes of this regime, the suppression of any dissenting voice, the imprisonment of the most educated and inspiring youth on this earth, the harshest punishments and large-scale executions began immediately. Like all bereaved Iranian mothers, I too am sad to be away from my daughter. When they violently arrest my daughter, it is clear that they are inflicting violence thousands of times over against other persecuted boys and girls who are being subjected to inhumane cruelty.”

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