Opened a new office in California

Opened a new office in California

American Sega Announce that it has been opened New office in Irvine, California, with the aim of facilitating communications with the local media. The new headquarters will host representatives from SEGA and employees of the Atlus subsidiary.

Commenting on the news, the CEO of SEGA said Shuji Utsumi He did not hide all his enthusiasm and great expectations for the future: The opening of a new headquarters in Irvine marks new era For one of the most respected brands in the world. This new space aims to foster a culture of genius and team-oriented action, with the goal of creating new stories and worlds dedicated to video game entertainment. generations.

Expansion into North America occurs in the wake Excellent financial results reported by SEGA Sammy Last October, among them stand out One and a half billion copies of Sonic games have been sold And the biggest Western reception reserved for Persona 5 (77% of copies of the game sold in the West). The latest Sonic Frontiers failed to completely impress the hardcore critics (He did not glorify us either, as you can read in our country Sonic Frontiers review), but SEGA is looking to the future with great enthusiasm: among the projects in the program is a figure An ambitious and highly secretive game set to be released in 2026 And what it takes is hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

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