Antonia Font inaugurates the embassy

Antonia Font inaugurates the embassy

He gave the Mallorcan line to Antonia The sixteenth edition of the Independent Falaise Festival begins this evening Adopt Yourself – Accept Yourself In front of the Catalunya Park amphitheater packed with an audience of different ages and generations, the formation led by Pau Dipon began with Songs from his latest album com Song of light, One minute strobe I my darlingbut no The repertoire included all of the band’s discography. In fact, the selection was made as if the concert were in a hall or theatre, with the audience seated and choosing calm themes with more musical nuances. but, The audience got up out of their chairs with topics like All engines He sang and danced with happiness‘s And yes. The ending was with one of the greatest hit songs of an entire generation. I live without you

Embassy scene Karen Madrid

The opening concert of Embassa’t was The first Antònia Font has brought to the city since the Festa Major in 2012when the tour was about to close Lambaris. A year later, the Mallorca band began a decade-long hiatus. The public’s reaction to this return was more evident at the embassy concert, whose tickets were sold out a few days ago.

Five Cents podcast as an opening act

To warm up the atmosphere before Antonia Font’s concert, the podcast was broadcast live on the small stage Five Cents, specializing in current culture and alternative entertainment Barcelona and the surrounding area. The space, run by four girls, interviewed one of the artists who will be passing through the embassy on Friday, Ericx.

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Five Cents Podcast |  Karen Madrid
Five Cents Podcast | Karen Madrid

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