Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Monza after the storm in danger? Stage condition before the show

Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Monza after the storm in danger?  Stage condition before the show

strong wave bad weather This hit Monza In the past few hours it has caused many damages and inconveniences in the city. Specifically in Monza, Bruce Springsteen concert. Will the event take place as planned?

Latest news about Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Monza

Tuesday morning, July 25th Claudius TrottaThe founder of Barley Arts (the company organizing the event) posted on Facebook a photo of the stage ready on the Gerascia meadow. Parley Arts, as reported by La Presse, has confirmed that “a Bruce Springsteen concert is taking place.” The “Boss” concert for the final leg of the European Tour 2023 will start at 7.30pm in the Prato della Gracia area within Monza Park.

Claudio Trotta had said in some statements reported by “La Stampa” on Monday: “We are working so that tomorrow is a memorable day for everyone and I am sure it will be. We are in perfect harmony with all the local institutions by constantly monitoring the meteorological development that will certainly continue to disturb us today but without preventing us from continuing safely in the necessary installations”.

Environmentalists asked

Bianca MontrancioAlso from the Parks and Villa Lee Committee, he said in some statements taken from “La Stampa”: “After the storm that struck the city and caused severe damage to the park, including the uprooting of one of the two huge oak trees in the gardens, with staff and volunteers busy trying to repair the damage, the park was closed to the public As irresponsible to hold kermes to Gerascia, exacerbating an already very heavy situation due to the park’s fragility and endangering thousands of people. Think again.”

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Words from Mayor Paolo Bilotta

the mayor Monza Paul BilottaSpeaking to La Presse on Monday, he said: “As of today (Monday, ed.), Bruce Springsteen’s concert was not affected. However, I have to go through a whole series of meetings to make an assessment, and compare myself with the Civil Protection. At the moment the organization running everything has not detected any damage, the stage is being cleaned up. So I repeat: at the moment the event has been confirmed, but we are holding a preliminary position.

Damage caused by Monza due to bad weather

On the morning of Tuesday July 25th, Monza woke up under cloudless skies but there I was Signs of the fury of nature’s violenceBetween fallen trees and vegetation on cars and in the middle of the road and flooded spaces. The storm on Monday also uncovered two roofs.

The main interventions on the evening of Monday 24 July, as reported by ‘Monza Today’, concerned via Borgazzi (a fallen plant), via Campania (a tree leaning on a house), via Volturno (a tree in the middle of the road), via D’Annunzio, viale Brianza and viale Cesare Battisti (trees that fell on cars). The situation is also critical across Correggio, Tiepolo, Tintoretto and through Marsala.

And in Lisone, in the province of Monza, a woman died after being crushed by a tree on Monday the 24th.

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Image source: Ansa and Facebook Claudio Trotta

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