The fight for Mariupol continues

The fight for Mariupol continues

The offensive of Russian forces in the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, whose conquest is the next important Russian military objective, is centered around the Azovstal Steel Plant, a large industrial plant used as an operational base by the Ukrainian army. During the past two days, Russian soldiers managed to control the land and separate the center from the port area. Many military analysts say the capture of the city could be completed in a matter of days, although the pattern of urban guerrilla warfare seen in Mariupol allows the Ukrainians to hold out longer than expected.

Meanwhile, some satellite images show how Russia is sending reinforcements (men and vehicles) to at least three border posts with Ukraine, in view of a new large-scale military offensive aimed at occupying Donbass: these are the Russian regions of Belgorod and Voronezh, respectively, near The Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and north of Luhansk, and around the city of Matveev Kurgan in the south, 150 kilometers east of Mariupol.

Finally, one of the most popular news of the day concerns US President Joe Biden, who during an interview in Iowa He said That Russian President Vladimir Putin is carrying out genocide in Ukraine: “Neither your family budget nor the possibility of filling your car tank with gasoline should depend on a war and genocide carried out by a dictator on the other side of the world.” Biden then added that it is up to international justice to decide whether what is happening in Ukraine can be classified as genocide or not, “but from my point of view it certainly looks like ‘genocide’.”

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