Prosecco breaks the bank in the US: 134 million bottles sold in 2022 (+6.3% from a year earlier)

Prosecco breaks the bank in the US: 134 million bottles sold in 2022 (+6.3% from a year earlier)

It is emphasized that the United States is the most important global market for Prosecco: in 2022 they imported 134 million bottles, registering +6.3% increase over the previous year, with a share equal to 24.3% of the total volume exported. But the United States still has great unexplored potential: That’s why the Prosecco Doc Consortium is ready to get going with “National Prosecco Week,” version n. 6, which from July 17 to 23 will cover up to 30 US states with promotional and communications campaigns targeting trade, media and the end consumer. “Due to the great success of our previous editions, we are thrilled to be back in the US with National Prosecco Week, a good opportunity to introduce our wines, our lands, and our culture to the most influential wine personalities and Prosecco Doc lovers in the US,” he says. Stefano Zanet, President of Prosecco Doc – Our goal is to continue to enhance the success of the cult by monitoring consumption trends, paying close attention to the territory, and actively involving the entire production system in maintaining maximum attention to sustainability.
Also this year, a dense network of partners, consisting of retail stores, online outlets, wine bars, pubs and restaurants, will be involved with events specifically targeting consumers and in campaigns activated through the media. There are also many new strategic partnerships signed with newspapers, as well as many activities entrusted to some of the most prominent influencers in the USA. Several thousand consumers will be intercepted thanks to the participation of more than 1,000 online stores and physical outlets, who will participate in customized offers, activate promotions and personal tastings. In addition to flyers, invitations launched by influencers, social media marketing actions and various forms of advertising, special commercials are planned on giant screens in Times Square to direct potential audiences towards the venues participating in Prosecco Week. Excellence located in the beating heart of New York City. To maximize American consumer engagement, the Prosecco Doc Consortium has other original events in store: three dates, always included in “National Prosecco Week,” which took place in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, respectively, on July 17, 19, and 22. Organized in collaboration with Cru Luv Selections, a celebrated creative branding agency headed by Jermaine Stone, a personality recently hailed by the “New York Times” as an undisputed celebrity in the world of wine, founder of “The Original Wine & Hip-Hop Podcast.”
Building on the resounding success recorded in 2022 by combining elements of street culture with elements of wine culture, this year Jermaine Stone will also propose an immersive experience, mixing the distinction of Veneto-Friuli bubbles with excellent music and accompaniment of everything with an intriguing narrative. Curiosities about Prosecco Doc: “These events represent a great opportunity to merge the world of wine with urban culture, bringing together a heterogeneous audience with it to create unique and unforgettable experiences” Jermaine Stone. Among the main events dedicated to consumers, this year there is also an exclusive happy hour organized by the consortium on July 18 at Tao Dream Downtown in New York: the meeting will open with two educational seminars, aimed at influencers and the media, moderated by Lidia Bastianich, a real authority on Italian cuisine in the United States , followed by a reception, which will have the opportunity to virtually embark on a culinary journey in Italy, enjoying Prosecco Doc on its own or in a selection of cocktails paired with dishes of Italian cuisine.

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