The exercise you have to do so you don’t die young and live long

The exercise you have to do so you don’t die young and live long

Exercising is essential. It helps us lose weight, feel better, and be stronger. On the contrary, inactivity worsens our physical condition and is linked to many diseases. So It is essential that exercise be a part of our lives.

Everyone has their favorite sport. They’re all good, but some more than others. Each has different benefits for our health. In fact, science reveals that there is something very specific It increases our chances of living longer.

Anaerobic exercises aren’t just used to remove muscle

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A common fitness mistake is to think that weightlifting is an exercise intended for the strongest. In fact, it works across the board and is highly recommended. For example, when we want Slim bottom It is best to combine aerobic exercise such as running, walking, or cycling with anaerobic exercise so as not to lose too much muscle mass.

And also the study of the anus Internal Medicine Confirms that This exercise also prolongs life. It prevents common diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and neurological diseases. Weightlifting is more effective for achieving this goal than running or walkingTherefore, it reduces the probability of dying at an early age by 22%.

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How to lift weights without going to the gym?

Many are disappointed because they think that you can only do anaerobic exercise by paying money to the gym. But no, this is not necessary. This sport can be practiced without leaving the house. You can buy dumbbells or weights at reasonable prices in any store, and online there are hundreds of exercise tables that will help you a lot.

In fact, it is not even necessary to have equipment: there are exercises such as push-ups or sit-ups in which we work the muscles without using weights. We use any type of training that relies on repetition of short, intense efforts. This increases the percentage of muscle mass in the body and makes us live longer. So don’t think about it and try your luck.

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