The enemy of Fortnite is liberating today, everyone is downloading it

Fortnite’s undisputed dominance is now free to play, with millions of players now playing it.

that of It is an electronic game It is without a doubt an absolute domination, with millions upon millions of players filling its servers with several daily sessions for years now. Video game developed and released by Epic Games, which brought a huge amount of money into the company’s coffers, has long since become among the most played video games of all time.

The enemy of Fortnite is liberating today, everyone is downloading it

e The impact it has had on the entire market is clearly visiblewith many others Free battle royale game That conquered stores around the world. And even a behemoth like Call of Duty has bowed to the new and unprecedented market logic, creating its own free mode, or war zonewho came to A new season and a new map we teach you to master here. Now, however, the hierarchies could undergo a new and important reshuffle, because another giant is coming for free: pubg.

PUBG is now free, and a serious threat to Fortnite

PUBG launches for free today
PUBG launches for free today

PUBG, initials di PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsIt is a game released in December 2017, a classic battle royale game, which has all the typical characteristics of the genre, in which players are called to recover weapons, equipment and any kind of useful items to survive along with all the other things on the map.

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The game has always been a paid game and with the rise of Fortnite and CoD Warzone it has lost quite a bit in terms of numbers and players. That is why the company’s top management made a historic decision. from now on, From today January 12, 2021, PUBG will be released for free. The battle royale video game can be downloaded and played absolutely free from PC, Playstation and Xbox, at no cost to the user. A way to go and hit Fortnite straight to the heart, possibly leading its players to ditch the Epic Games title to experience PUBG’s more tactical and realistic approach. As it turns out, the next Mass Effect will be realistic.

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According to the developers, at the moment, the game servers are offline for maintenance and for the transition to the free-to-play model. From 9:00 today On January 12, 2021, everything should be back to normal and you can play PUBG for free.

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