Hidden Evidence in San Andreas DE Confirmed Allegedly by Someone Else – Nerd4.life

Hidden Evidence in San Andreas DE Confirmed Allegedly by Someone Else – Nerd4.life

A strange rumor about it is back in vogue GTA 6 which actually appeared some time ago, shortly after the release of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, with the alleged confirmation of an in-house designer modeled mysterious picture Hidden inside the new version of San Andreas It is actually a reference to the new chapter in development.

This story is all about cops, because it certainly sounds weird, but with the growth of so many theories and conspiracies that characterize the world of GTA, it’s still a particularly fascinating story.

Shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, someone noticed, inside the café “Lil Probe Inn” from GTA: San Andreas in a modified version, a strange image that was not there in the original, which was visible in the tweet below.

This photo has sparked theories about the possibility that the Easter egg refers to “GTA 6 preparation It later turned out to be a photo taken from a real house in Palm Beach, Florida. This would reinforce the idea that GTA 6 could be located in the Miami area, specifically the Vice City area.

In the past few hours, an insider Matthewsvectorber himself reported that he had received “confirmation” It is an image already associated with GTA 6, but without giving any further explanation for this statement. How reliable is this statement? Practically zero, but if nothing else, it’s another great story to do with the GTA 6 speculation, which we’re greedy for, so we can’t fail to report it.

On the other hand, why did Rockstar include the image of that house in the remastered version of GTA: San Andreas if it wasn’t there in the original? There is enough to start a new theory.

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In the meantime, the only information we have about GTA 6 is that it “exists”, basically, as Rockstar Games has officially announced its development, but without showing anything at all yet.

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