The empty table at the restaurant, and Fieri and the others also “separate” themselves on social media. Adani mentions

The empty table at the restaurant, and Fieri and the others also “separate” themselves on social media.  Adani mentions
to Monica Colombo

Lele Adani posts videos in BoboTv t-shirt and it seems to be a sign of peace after Vieri announced that he has left TV with Ventola and Casano

They were a dancing tribe, and now they are They even stopped following each other on social media. In July, they boarded a private plane with their wives and girlfriends to fly to Formentera and celebrate Vieri’s 50th birthday. Now that Bobo TV has become the exclusive theater of the person who invented it,

Layla promise me,Anthony Cassano And Nicola a fan They left the place.

Friday Fieri He shocked the fans who followed the stream on Twitch by announcing that from that moment on he would be on the video alone, so he thanked Adani, Cassano and Ventola for their cooperation up to that moment. “Now we will create new programs for everyone who follows us from home, and we will create new formats in which I will make you more involved.”

At first it seemed that behind the absence of companions of work and leisure there was a concealment The thrill of a new adventure. Layla Promise me the most creative: First a story about him Instagram With part of a speech by Ciro di Marzio, the protagonist Gomorrah. “The earthquake is God’s will, and it is good for the earth. Such as when a person is sick. It builds up and builds up until it releases itself and comes out. “Or die.” The video in which Adani is seen wearing a Bobo TV T-shirt and calling on people to love football is difficult to explain“Our comet star.” The fact remains that yesterday while having lunch at the local pub where the four would normally gather to commentate on matches, chat and have fun, the table was empty.

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He intervened Fabrizio Corona is also in the discussion Who posted Nicola’s voice on social media a fan. “Fabray, let me have a moment“You didn’t get far anyway.” Corona had gone ahead by writing that his adventure companions had abandoned Feyre and were hiding behind farewells. Economic problems and energy problems.

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