Google Maps, How to Create a Route in Advance: The Very Simple Way for iOS, Android and PC

Google Maps, How to Create a Route in Advance: The Very Simple Way for iOS, Android and PC

Take advantage of all the features of Google Maps to plan routes in advance, with guides on times, expenses and weather

Google Maps has expanded its offerings year after year Regarding navigation services, for users it has become an increasingly essential application, without which it would be really difficult to travel, especially since we have completely abandoned the use of old paper maps. Obviously the most widely used version is the smartphone app, unique to Android, which replaces Maps for iOS. In fact, Google Maps is still preferred by the majority of users compared to the maps offered by iOS.

Google Maps Routes –

One of the most appreciated services is creating an itinerary even before departure. Available from both computers and smartphones. The application makes it possible to plan the fastest and most economical route to get somewhere on foot and by all different means, from car, bicycle, tram, etc.

How to create a trip itinerary on Google Maps in a few minutes, as well as calculate timing and reduce financial costs

Create an itinerary with Google Maps It takes a few minutes, and you are allowed to do so For planning Your movements or know what now You will reach a certain place. The most common situation is certainly the one that involvesTo create our itinerary on Google Maps from our phone or tablet, when we are about to leave.

Google Maps Pre-Departure Itineraries
Google Maps for pre-departure trips –

First, you will need to provide a starting point which could be your location detected by the smartphone or entered manually, thus an address, restaurant or plaza. Next, you’ll enter the destination you’re looking for into your itinerary and choose the vehicle you’ll use. On the map you will notice this It is likely that the maps will suggest not just one itinerary, but several.

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If you click on the three dots at the top right, you can manage to choose the best path, By entering your car’s fuel, whether gasoline, diesel, electric, etc., you will specify needs such as calculating the fastest route, avoiding tolls and highways, or choosing the cheapest route, etc. You can then select your departure time To get a prediction of how long it will take, you can also provide your arrival time preferences (to the extent possible) so that Google has more information to suggest the best itinerary.

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