Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gorilla Armor coating really stands out

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gorilla Armor coating really stands out

Well, it finally happened: After many years, Zack “JerryRigEverything” Nelson tested a smartphone with a glass display that didn't scratch the edge at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. This is the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which features the new Gorilla Armor layer that Corning announced at the same time as the flagship phone's launch in South Korea. To be precise, There are some signs with level 6but it's not entirely clear what it is: a quick microscopic analysis seems to indicate material transfer, and although the damage appears permanent for all intents and purposes (although very difficult to see) it can also fade over time.

Gorilla Armor is also impressive from a reflectivity standpoint: Jerry's test clearly shows how the direct reflection of an LED on the screen is much less intense than that produced by an older smartphone – even though the benchmark is an older Galaxy Note 10+. If in the latter the reflection is a huge dense white rectangle, with the S24 Ultra you can see the perimeter of each individual LED very clearly. This will have a significant impact in terms of the readability of the smartphone in direct sunlight; True, the panel also reaches exaggerated peaks of brightness, but the less the latter “push”, the better for the overall autonomy of the device.

The rest of the test reveals other very positive results. Fingerprint scanning continues to work flawlessly even if the glass in the ultrasonic sensor is severely damaged by the Level 7 tip, and the rock-solid titanium means that During the bending test, the smartphone bent just a few millimeters, but without even a creak Or any other sign of structural failure.

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January 28

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(Updated 30 January 2024 at 7.25pm)

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