Russian Oil and Gas, EU Parliament calls for immediate and comprehensive ban –

Russian Oil and Gas, EU Parliament calls for immediate and comprehensive ban –

With 513 votes to 22 against and 19 abstentions, MEPs passed the resolution on April 7 calling for an immediate and complete ban on imports of oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuel from Russia, in response to the EU decision. The war in Ukraine. These additional measures against Putin should go hand in hand with a program that guarantees the security of the EU’s energy supply already in the short term. The resolution also specifies the steps to be followed for cancellation in the event that “Russia adopts measures aimed at restoring Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and its complete withdrawal.” Troops of Ukrainian territory“.

war crimes court

But if there is economic retaliation on the one hand, then there is the problem of atrocities committed on the other, which must be seriously addressed. For MEPs, this is undeniable war crimes, committed by Russian forces in Ukraine, in particular in Bucha which almost completely destroyed Mariupol, Volnovaka and other towns and villages. for my authors war crimes Request for the establishment of a special tribunal for the United Nations. At the same time, the European Parliament reiterates the need for defense assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is provided by EU countries individually and collectively through the European Instrument for Peace.

stop the coal

Also in the evening, April 7, governments are expected to give the green light to the fifth package of sanctions against Russia. This time the tab is really broken, with coal imports (€4 billion per year) halted, the first step towards thatTotal import ban Much more important than gas and oil and much easier to cut quickly, which does much less damage to the Russian president’s money and the European economy.

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Next week, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, clarified in Luxembourg that member states’ foreign ministers will discuss the Russian oil chapter (25% of total European imports). The Gas For now, it is still pending, as the last weapon used against Putin, given that the consequences for the European economy (Russian gas is equal to 43% of that used in the EU) will be very strong.

Indeed, the German government fears stagnation, and so has Hungary under Urban. In short, it will be difficult for Europe to agree on energy sanctions with countries such as Germany, Italy and Bulgaria that depend on it Russian gas. Currently, the EU plans to reduce dependence on Moscow gas by two-thirds by the end of the year and completely over the next few years, by increasing alternative supplies, energy conservation, wind and solar.

Remove all Russian banks from the Swift system

But in addition to requesting a ban, the European Parliament is addressing EU leaders and asking them to take action to exclude Russia from the G-20 and other multilateral organizations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the United Nations), Interpol, the World Trade Organization and UNESCO, to give a signal. important that the international community will not return to business as usual with the aggressor country.

It is also required to prohibit entry into the territorial waters of the European Union and the docking at European ports (a measure contained in the fifth package) of any Russian-flagged vessel, registered, owned, chartered or operated by Russia, as well as the transport of goods by road to and from Russia and Belarus. And on the financial front, finally, he requested that all Russian banks, without exception, be excluded from the SWIFT system.

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