In South Carolina, Haley suffers a bitter defeat against Trump

In South Carolina, Haley suffers a bitter defeat against Trump

When she was defeated by Donald Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire and even in Nevada, where she was not even in direct competition, Nikki Haley loved to highlight the “beautiful state of South Carolina.” He had a reason. The daughter of immigrants from India was born there 52 years ago; Where he married and had two children; She served three terms as a state legislator, and became governor in 2010, at the head of the Tea Party wave, a position to which she was re-elected and left in 2017 to become her current rival's ambassador to the United Nations.

However, this “home, beautiful homeland”, today's primary, is preparing to leave Haley with the harshest defeat. Everything, and she herself, indicates that this will not be the end of her presidential career, and the candidate, who still has the support of major donors, has promised to continue this at least until the meeting in Michigan on the 27th and Super Tuesday on March 5, when they will vote for 15 states. And one province, although their prospects are somewhat worse.

But in South Carolina, the Republican Party, and most of its base, has been handed over to Trump. Because he managed to assemble, transform and rise to the power of the thousand that radicalized the conservative movement and that combined the rejection of taxes or anything that looked like a tool with an ethno-nationalist passion that he unleashed in the face of a changing United States that was born in response to the presidency of Barack Obama. Today it is the dominant right in the country.

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