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Songo-miya record

Potential schedule for Italy in qualifying

Fourth consecutive rest, 4-4! Yannick’s error that sends directly to the network.

30-40 again tape that helps Galan! It takes time from Sinner and leads him to error, breaking point!

30-30 Here Galan wanted to exaggerate his search for the winner in an intense second game.

15-30 great defense for Gallan, then Sener’s forehand hit goes too far.

15-15 Janic’s back hitting line that ends in the fairway.

15-0 Sener opens the game in a positive way.

A NEW SINNER BREAK, 4-3! Galan almost supports the fatal opposite, Italy is advancing again!

30-40 Point Fifth and Fifth Free: Galan misses a heavy forehand on the field.

30-30 Fault on one side, False on the other: Fault again is too long with his forehand.

Another 15-30 mistake for Gallan, this time in a row.

15-15 straight sinner flies away.

0-15 and after some points of applause, Galan missed a very easy shot.

Jalan’s instant break, with a lot of luck! Right from the baseline touching the bar and dying near the net, the Colombian returns to the game.

40-On Largo Sinner’s backhand, there is a break point for the Colombian.

40-40 goes back to the merits, but here’s the credit to Galan: authoritative answer, then he finds two big angles that force Jannik to run.

40-30 The Colombian takes out a backhand on the line to peel his hands.

40-15 Galan’s tactic begins with no thrust: he always chases the wrong and hits the wrong.

30-15 The first ace also comes to a sinner.

15-15 Foreign Service and Yannick’s unstoppable forward hits.

0-15 Galan shoots the ball into the front hand and then closes it with a forehand.

Break the sin! Blue strengthens it, Galan goes out of his way and posts on the net: Italy is ahead!

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30-40 BALL BREAK JANNIK! He takes the pitch and goes to the net, Eber Jalan is long.

30-30 MAZZATA from Jannik straight ahead. Galan tries to answer, but the ball is uncontrollable. The first match was played.

30-15 Sener throws a good backhand by sending the backhand down the line into the net.

15-15 double foul by Galan, his first match.

15-0 is too bad! Sin that ends in the little lane.

The sin game, 2-2. Valuable point for Jannik, who after leading the exchange arrives well via a shot from Galan and then takes it at Backlash.

40-0 Colombian’s response came out.

30-0 Here’s Yannick taking over, making Galan do the mop and wind up with a shot.

15-0 This time the cross-country tug of war sees Sener as the winner.

GAME GALAN, 1-2. Zero service to the Colombian.

40-0 Galan gives himself time to get into the net with a backhand kick and supports an easy shot.

30-0 Aggressive response from Jank who ended off the field.

15-0 Galan Board Game: Win a cross-country tug-of-war.

GAME SINNER, 1-1. Straight ahead and slap back quickly, Jannik’s first game arrives.

40-30 Sinner closes the exchange by crushing.

30-30 Galan Again: Big Backhand Attack, opens the field and hits.

30-15 A great winner awaits Galan’s ball.

30-0 The first game winner is Yannick, who opens the field with a front line to close with the pitch in the opposite direction.

15-0 another backhand at the net, this time from Galan.

GAME GALAN, 0-1. A long backhand from Sinner, Galan played the character.

40-15 serve and straight to the Colombian, the blue recovery goes on the net.

30-15 points first sin, with Galan setting the nets upright.

30-0 Blue replied to the net.

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15-0 The first exchange ended with Sinner’s forehand.

IT started, Galan Bates

22.11 Sinner knows a win will make the next dual challenge irrelevant, as the South American favorites for the Farah/Caball duo will begin.

22.09 Jalan is not a player to be underestimated, his traits marry discreetly in fasting.

22.08 Stats: Sinner, 6-2 6-0 yesterday, gave John Isner the worst defeat of his career.

22.07 A little curiosity about the Colombian: Although he comes from a country where a lot of meat is consumed, he is a vegetarian from birth. The mother decided to raise her children this way after some health problems.

22.05 Yannik Şener and Daniel Elahi Galan enter the field.

22.03 In contrast, it will be Daniel Elahi Galan, who at the beginning of the month came close to entering the list of the top 100 companies in the world.

21.58 The world number 10 proved to be at his best yesterday, with an official victory over John Isner that left him only two games.

21.56 A real fight, a Torreñez fight, but we’re used to his character. In this way, Yannick’s racket is given the opportunity to close out the fifth group and reach the Davis Cup quarter-finals from the top of the standings.

21.53 After more than two and a half hours, Lorenzo Sonego was able to close out Mejia’s workout in three sets! It will soon be Jannik Sinner’s time.

21.14 Very difficult second set, but Lorenzo Sonego wins! We go to the third, and the Sinner-Galan start slips again.

20.25 Surprisingly, Nicolas Mejia won the first set against Sonego.

7.15 pm The match between Lorenzo Sonego and Nicolas Mejia begins

16.25 Now starts the double of Australia and Hungary. Bolt / Pierce vs Marozan Beerus. At the end of this confrontation between Italy and Colombia will begin.

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Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE by Jannik Sinner-Daniel Elahi Galan, The second match is valid for the Davis Cup match between Italy and Colombia. This match could mean a direct qualification to the last 16 if expectations are respected, which see the boy from Altesino and Lorenzo Sonego as the favorites over South America.

Janek made a brilliant appearance in the blue shirt last night. On the other side there was a file John Isner A little rusty due to the inactivity that has been going on since last October 11, but it’s still 6-2 6-0 who imposed the holder of the number 10 in the world against a formidable opponent; The fatigue in ’68 game didn’t seem to show up at all.

On the other hand, there is an opponent on hand like Galan, who boasts of his best Grand Slam result in the third round at Roland Garros 2020 and then defeated by Novak Djokovic. Number 111 in the world, the Colombian came close to entering the top 100 at the beginning of November, ranking 102 in the world. Yannick will ask for advice from Lorenzo Sonego to prepare his playing tactics: The Turin-born has defeated him three times in three matches, the most recent dating back to the last Wimbledon.

The match between Yannick Sener and Danielle Elahi Galan will be the second Davis Cup match this afternoon and will start at the end of the match between Lorenzo Sonego and Nicolas Mejia scheduled for 16.00 but due to the delay in concluding the match between Australia and Hungary (still in the race), it will start later. Good fun!

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