Serie A – Agent fees: 174 million clubs in one year. ranking

Serie A – Agent fees: 174 million clubs in one year.  ranking

FIFA published a report for the year 2021: Juventus spent nearly 29 million on agents, while Juventus spent 27.5. Trace Rome (about 26). Milan separates (12.5). Total spending up (+36%) compared to 2020

Approximately 174 million euros. An increase of approximately 36 compared to 2020. This is a very large figure related to agent activity expenditures by Serie A clubs. The statements have been published as usual by the FIFA based on Article 8 on Transparency (and can be consulted on the FIFA website).

An average of nearly 9 million

The time horizon examined runs from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 and refers to the money companies have paid lawyers. The exact total figure is 173,831,816.68 euros, while in 2020 it stopped at 138,015,594.09 euros. Thus, the average settles at 8.7 million per team, even if the gap between the fees paid by the big names and the others is clearly very high. Topping the table is Juventus (28,914.175 euros), followed by Inter (27,512,882) and Roma (25,962,250). So, certainly Milan split (12567,884.67) and then we find Atalanta (8,353,775) and Fiorentina (8,256,475). The last three of the given ranking are Spezia (€2,391,278.14), Venice (1,859,570.25) and Salernitana (1,242,844.59). The fee covers all player-related operations that clubs with agents carry out: purchases, sales, but contract renewals.

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