Ludogorets – Roma 2-1, Mourinho lost his first Europa League match

Ludogorets – Roma 2-1, Mourinho lost his first Europa League match

Three and a half months after winning the conference league, Rome plunges again in the atmosphere of the cup with bitterness: Giallorossi Mourinho is out defeated 2-1 From a trip to the Europa League against Ludogorets, winner of the last 11 Bulgarian championships, but without wins in Europe from 18 consecutive matches (excluding qualifiers) until tonight. Mourinho, who has achieved 7 out of 7 victories against Bulgarian teams, has thus failed to make up for the league defeat against Udinese and is facing the first moment of real difficulty in the season. On the first day of Group C which also includes Betis Seville and HC Helsinki (Spain win 2-0 tonight in Finland), Belotti He fails to take advantage of the former as a rookie, and it is clear that he still lacks terms and understanding with his teammates.

Ludogorets – Roma 2-1, match report and statistics

Belotti’s first appearance, Mancini’s position from the beginning

Rome appears in Razgrad without Abraham, Karsdorp, El Shaarawy, Kumbula, Zaniolo, Wijnaldum and Darboy. Among the Giallorossi, at the entrance to the stadium, there Belotti In attack, Celek and Zaloski on the wings, Matic and Cristante guards the midfield with Dybala as a striker. The 23-year-old Serbian plays between the poles Svilar, who made his official debut in Rome after being used in several summer friendlies. Normal rotation: no rejection Roy Patricio After the foul against Udinese. In Ludogorets, the goalkeeper is Padt, a Dutchman of Italian descent, while in the offensive trident there is space for Despodov, the former Cagliari meteorite. Roma initially scattered on the Huvepharma Arena grounds on the edge of the impossible, between Holes and lost grass: In the 4′ Despodov quickly overtakes Mancini, only showing up in front of Svilar, but instead of shooting, he tries to help in the middle for Tekpetite who missed the winning touch. Four minutes later, the Giallorossi demanded a penalty for the contact between Verdon and Pellegrini: however, Farr’s examination did not indicate any foul play by English referee Pawson. In the 12th minute, the Roma captain initiates a powerful but not angled shot, which Padt controls without difficulty. Then, at 32′, there is work too Svilar bravely slips out of his graspanticipating Thiago, on a cross from Cicinho, the homonymous and ex-Brazilian national of Roma, who retired in 2018. Having missed, Mourinho’s boys mustered a series of opportunities: at 35′ he blocked a close shot from Pellegrini for a corner kick, and in the resulting corner kick , Mancini’s head ends in the post. A little later try too Dybala: Leaving Goya with a sure shot, however, Providence deflected the face of Captain Nedyalkov, who was still stunned. We go into the second half at 0-0.

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For Roma Shumorodov it is not enough: Ludogorets celebrates

Mourinho has changed, but Shumorodov is not enough

Upon returning to the field, Pellegrini raised a kiss by DybalaThe Bulgarian door mirror is dramatically missing. Hence, it was the Argentine himself who did not set the goal in the 57th minute Pilotti’s perfect side of the chest. A minute pass and Svilar is called up for the first save of the second half, after a finale by Piotrowski. Roma have the lead, but finding outlets is very cumbersome: this is how Mourinho enters Shumorodov and Spinazzola For Belotti, who is still not witty, and Gillick. But the goal was scored by Ludogorets in the 72nd minute: Cauly He sniffs the gap in the Giallorossi’s defense, finding no opposition from Smalling or Crisanti, and stabs Svilar from a central position. Two minutes later, he touched the Brazilian midfielder who lost Svilar. Without a good reaction, Mourinho changed again in the 76th minute: inward Vulpato, Bove, and Camara Instead of Mancini, Cristante and Matic. Between 82′ and 83′ Pellegrini has two chances to win a tie: In the second, in particular, he misses an incredibly header from a few steps into a corner move. 86′ The draw really comes thanks to Shumorodov, which collides with a delicate kind on the captain’s cross. It’s a flash in the pan because Ludogorets doubled in the 88th minute thanks to a surgical Qatari from Brazilian Nunato. In the sixth minute of recovery, Dybala’s last attempt went out of the net. Roma lost 2-1: the smile of the Green Eagles, who has won so far in Europe, against Italian teams, only with Lazio in 2014. Gillorossi, Mourinho’s player, will appear again in the European League, next Thursday at Olympique, against Finland’s Hjk Helsinki. But first there is the Monday night against Empoli in the league.

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