GdS – Inter, Kim’s idea if Frej leaves. This is Ausilio’s plan

GdS – Inter, Kim’s idea if Frej leaves. This is Ausilio’s plan

The former Napoli player, who played for Bayern Munich last season, could end up on the market and the Nerazzurri have been following him for some time.

Stefan de Vrij He says he’s ready to stay. Everything in Inter, He is very happy in Italy, and with these words he seems to have sent a clear response to the sirens talking about Saudi Arabia. Helps He denied receiving any offers for the player, at least for the time being. But La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote:If Arabs are thinking of Stefan de Vrij, Inter are thinking of him. Kim Min Jae. And the balance is quickly being balanced on the revolving door threshold: Inzaghi will say goodbye to the luxurious reserve to welcome the title holder to the second championship. The best defender in the Italian League 2022-23, Kim, who joins the best defender in the last championship, Bastoni: try to break through the wall built like this”.

According to the recklessness mentioned by the pink team, everything revolves around the future of De Vrij who will be in the goal of the Union where he will be coached by Stefano Pioli. If he takes into account any proposals that reach him, the Nerazzurri club will be ready.It would be an ambitious move, as befits a club aiming to repeat itself after the second star won the Scudetto, but it would also be a strategic one: the defence would still need to be renewed – Acerbi is aiming for 37 – and Inter would do so by getting their hands on one of the best central defenders on the European scene, already tested on the pitches of Serie A, with excellent results.“The newspaper continues.

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The season with Bayern did not meet expectations and the German club officially announced the arrival of Hiroki Ito from Stuttgart for 30 million and Kim could end up on the market. Inter had already thought about it in 2022 but then Skriniar stayed and Kim landed at Napoli where he obviously won the Scudetto that year. At Inter, he could relaunch himself and the club could benefit from the excellent relations with Bayern Munich.“The only possible way to bring Kim to the Nerazzurri is through a loan, perhaps as onerous as the one prepared with Chelsea for Lukaku’s return in 2022. De Vrij himself could provide valuable assistance to Kim. By selling him for between €10 and €15 million, Inter would have the liquidity to finance the operation with the German club.”concludes La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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