The circus world was vindicated once again with a party in the center of Girona

The circus world was vindicated once again with a party in the center of Girona

The circus world was vindicated once again with a party in the center of GironaAniol Recyclosa

On the grass in Girona's Central Park, which has returned to its natural green thanks to the rains that have fallen in the past few weeks, three young men played a game on Saturday morning. A few meters away, a group of girls and boys, along with some parents, were watching a practical acroyoga lesson with very excited and attentive faces. They all participated in it Circus meeting of the districts of Gironathe event organized by the Girona Circus Professionals group that brought together dozens of people in its sixth edition on Saturday.

“Ultimately, the idea is for this proposal to reach everyone who doesn't know about the world of circus and to know that there is a lot of circus going on here,” explained Neil, one of the organization's spokespersons. Next to him, another representative of the Girona Circus Professionals Association, Aram, added that “in Girona there is already the big circus festival, but there is also the popular circus and the idea that boys, girls and young people can have a space where they can start practicing juggling and other disciplines.”

And it is that the defense of hand-made circuses, street circuses and park circuses is one of the main goals of the group that, at this meeting, It also has the complicity of associations such as Contaminando Sonrisas and ACEMGIR. “Our target audience is primarily circus professionals, but at the same time we want people and families to come and enjoy the music, food, workshops, shows and exhibitions,” says Aram. “The best circus in life will be the one you make,” in the speaker’s own wordsThe motto of the circus meeting is “It's like a small part of what is collective.”

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He was asked about the development of this meeting over the course of editions. The two speakers indicated that in the first meeting they organized, they were able to gather about forty people throughout the entire day, and in this sixth edition only, counting the organizers, workshop participants, and volunteers, they added fifty people. The truth is that as the day went on, more and more people approached, some because they already knew what was happening and others because they were simply passing by the area and decided to stop.

“My daughter has loved the circus since she was very young and last year, specifically at this meeting, she became interested in learning juggling,” said Julia, who was accompanying her 9-year-old daughter Aina, who this year was determined to try. New artistic specializations in the world of circus.

From the “tight line” of volleyball

Among the activities that can be carried out throughout the day, which last year took place in the Era de Cal Cigarro de Salt but this year bet again on Girona, there was the possibility of walking on a ribbon connected to two fixed points (tightrope). However, one of the proposals that gained the greatest audience was club volleyball, a system combining physical exercise and juggling in which a tournament was held. The meeting ended with an amazing fiery jam.

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