Either electrical grids will be improved (and expanded), or there will be no green revolution

Either electrical grids will be improved (and expanded), or there will be no green revolution

What does Europe need to complete the ongoing change in its energy paradigm? Project implementation, yes; But also investing in networks Supply Without it, as the European Union itself acknowledges, the green revolution would not be possible.

3,000 GW of renewable energy sources awaiting delivery

Worldwide, at least 3,000 new gigawatts From renewable energies They are waiting to be connected to the network and many of them are being developed in Europe. Why haven't distribution networks been improved already? Because the rule does not allow this: the regulatory framework does not allow investment in new electricity networks except after submitting a connection request. Because the European Union expects 50% of energy consumption to be electric by 2040, we face a serious problem: current networks are not prepared for either increased capacity or increased demand. If decarbonisation accelerates, as the EU intends, it will be worse. Even Elon Musk warns: power outages happen.

Is there any solution?

Only one: allow early investments. Electrical employer Your Electric Demands: “National regulators must adopt a forward-looking mindset and enable proactive investment in the infrastructure needed to achieve net-zero emissions. The cost of inaction to society will be far greater than the cost of temporary investment at a higher level to ensure that our network can provide all the necessary services.” society in a carbon-neutral economy. What will happen

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