The Vatican is charging 10 people, including the cardinal, in a financial lawsuit

The Vatican is charging 10 people, including the cardinal, in a financial lawsuit

Vatican Criminal Court President Giuseppe Pignaton has set July 27 as the trial date, but defendants’ attorneys have objected, saying they could not prepare so quickly when they have not yet received an official verdict. Indictment and other documents.

This process is 487 pages long. It was established following a two-year investigation into the vast assets of the Vatican’s central administration, the State Secretariat, most of which are funded by the Stone Denarius. The scandal cost millions of dollars. He asked Pope Francis to remove from the Secretariat the power to manage this money.

Cardinal Angelo Pesci was removed from the Holy See Fund last year by Pope Francis after donating nearly 000 150,000 to his brother-led charity.

Photo: Associated Press / Gregorio Borgia

Five former Vatican officials and two officials from the State Secretariat have been indicted, along with Italian businessmen who managed the London investment. Vatican lawyers have accused the Pope of stealing millions of dollars from the Holy See in fees and other losses related to financial investments largely funded by donations to the charity. The suspects denied any wrongdoing.

A London investment in the center of the business

One of the main suspects in the case, Italian broker Gianluigi Dorsey, is accused of extorting more than $ 20 million from the Vatican to acquire ownership of the London building by the end of 2018. Dorsey and an Italian lawyer, who were indicted on Saturday for violating Vatican order, agreed to a share purchase agreement. The Secretary of State wants to declare himself the injured party in this case.

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Dorsey has categorically denied the allegations against him, saying it was the result of a misunderstanding. He is currently in London, awaiting extradition from Italian authorities, and is seeking to be prosecuted for other financial crimes. His deputies made no comment on Saturday and said they had not read the indictment.

The scandal also blamed Cardinal Angelo Pescio, the candidate for the Pontifical seat. He helped arrange the initial investment in London when he was an employee of the Foreign Secretary. Pope Francis fired him last year after he donated nearly 000 150,000 from the Holy See Fund to a diocesan charity led by Besiu’s brother. In a statement released Saturday by his attorneys, PCU insisted Absolute lie Charges against him. He denounced the Italian press as an “unprecedented media pill” mounted against him.

I fell victim to a conspiracy. I have been waiting a long time to find out the allegations against me so that I can dismiss them quickly and prove my complete innocence to everyone.

An excerpt from:Cardinal Angelo P.C.

Tomaso de Russa and Rene Bruhlhart, two former senior officials of the Financial Information Commission (AIF), The financial policeman of the Holy See, was accused of abuse of power. According to the Vatican, prosecutors are blaming them For ignoring the contradictions of the London action, In which they were immediately notified.

Both defended their work. At first the lawyer insisted that it was his client In the exclusive interest of the Holy See, he always acted with the utmost respect for the law and his professional duties. The second said that was his charge A practical mistake that can be overruled by the Vatican judiciary As soon as his safety was revealed.

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