The Chinese Lotus car conquers the market: record performance and aggressive design everyone will like

The Chinese Lotus car conquers the market: record performance and aggressive design everyone will like

The famous Lotus brand presented an exceptional car: characterized by a magnetic design and a high-performance engine.

There is no doubt that Lotus Car Company is one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world, especially thanks to its sports models Which won the hearts of millions. The British company also has a very long history behind it, in fact dating back to 1952 in Hethel, England. To be precise, Lotus was founded by Colin Chapman, a famous British engineer and racing driver.

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However, in 2017, Hethel was bought by Chinese giant Geely, which also controls Volvo, Smart and several other brands. Recently, Lotus showed the world an innovative car, which is already attracting many car enthusiasts.

Lotus, here is the car that broke the record

The British car manufacturer has presented the new Lotus Emeya: a Hyper GT electric car, capable of unleashing 905 horsepower. The main goal of this very powerful car is to highlight the English brand in the future, and in fact every detail of the car It’s designed to surprise. The engineers have actually succeeded in creating a sports car capable of expressing its full potential both on the track and on the road. Even more surprising is the possibility of owning an electric, high-performance, and high-performance car at the same time.

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In fact, a decade ago, it would have been impossible to obtain such a result, because electric motors would not have reached the current performance. Regarding technical specifications, the new IMEA has two electric motors with a total power of 905 horsepower And a torque of 985 Newton metres. Not only that, but it can also accelerate to 100 km/h in just 2.78 seconds, while its top speed is close to 256 km/h. Another fact that should not be underestimated is the autonomy: the very powerful 102 kWh battery guarantees a range of up to 600 kilometers on a single charge.

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The lucky ones who bought the new Emeya will have the opportunity to recharge the battery in just 18 minutes, from 10 to 80% to be exact. It should also be remembered that the five-seat configuration is standard, while the four-seat configuration is optional. Most of the elements that distinguish the car have been carefully studied in the racing world. This means that the numerous tests carried out on the track had a positive impact on the design and mechanics of the new Imiya. In particular, the elements most affected by racing are the grille, brakes, diffusers and wing.

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