First review crushes it for price and performance –

First review crushes it for price and performance –

Unboxed Devices released the First review of the new GPU GeForce RTX 3060 8 GBexpressing a Very negative opinionespecially with regard to the older model with 12GB of VRAM.

According to the analysis, it will be GeForce RTX 3060 8GB up to 35% slower than the other model, even if they cost the same amount. So we have lower performance and no savings. You’re probably beginning to understand why Nvidia is releasing this GPU on a sly basis, that is, without marketing hype.

Tests run showed that the 8GB model pays way too much compared to the 12GB model at 1080p, and loses out with all games. Take Dying Light 2 for example which runs at 1080p with high detail and averages 51fps on the 8GB model and 69fps on the 12GB model. Just to say, with the same settings, the Intel Arc A770 hits 85 FPS. Halo Infinite, on the other hand, is at 1080p with ultra-high detail that’s 21% lower in the remake than the 3060. Despite this, the savings are nil. For example, Newegg’s GPU solution costs $359, the same as the 12GB model.

It is worth noting that file performance gap This is due not only to the reduced 4GB video RAM, but also to other production options. Both use a GA104 with 3,584 shaders and are officially clocked at 1,777MHz, but the new model’s memory runs on a 128-bit bus, where the 12GB model used a 192-bit bus. Thus, the total bandwidth in the new model drops to 224 GB/s versus 360 GB/s for the old model. Finally, the 12GB model has 50% more L2 cache.

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It should also be emphasized how Nvidia continues to file baffling approachlaunching a new tab that is inferior to an old tab of the same name and at the same price.

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