The challenge is back between Certares and Msc-Lufthansa-

The challenge is back between Certares and Msc-Lufthansa-

privatization game ETA Airlines. The Treasury – the sole shareholder of the Italian company – decided not to extend exclusive negotiations with the US fund Certares for a second time, thus ending the period of the Armored Talks. So The MSC-Lufthansa consortium is back in the race, which was defeated last August 31 In direct confrontation with Certares because according to the Ministry’s technicians, he made a less attractive binding offer.

Exclusive commitments granted as of August 31 stop today

On a note, El Dakar announced that exclusive commitments granted as of August 31 have ceased today. Discussions continue to determine a possible agreement to transfer control of Ita. The turning point – the one you expect courier – I’ll mean it In the coming days, the Treasury will send a letter to MSC and Lufthansa Ask them to confirm interest in ETA In order to proceed with the delivery of new binding offers.

Re-launch of the Certares hypothesis

Sources close to the file confirm that Certares continues to work on analyzing the company’s data provided by Ita to quickly arrive at a binding and final offer. It is envisaged that the relaunch of the US fund will also arrive. Certares offer is based on the purchase of 50% plus 1 share of Ita For 350 million euros, an additional 600 million will be added to the capital increase in 2023-2024. MSC and Lufthansa bid plans to acquire more than 80% of Ita (60% for the Aponte family and 20% for the Germans) initially left 20% for the treasury.

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