April 2, 2023

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Nuclear power plants in Poland, made in American reactors

Nuclear power plants in Poland, made in American reactors

Polish-American Nuclear Energy Partnership. A clear message for Russia: NATO united to diversify energy supplies.

Poland, a country where coal is the main source of energy production, is considering building its first nuclear power plant. The choice was speeded up by the war in Ukraine and the securing of energy supplies. The first nuclear power plant will be manufactured in the USA. In fact, Poland, which is part of the European Union, decided not to rely on the French in the EDF, who had long been interested, but on the Americans. The announcement, which will draw criticism in Brussels, came from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki who confirmed the choice to use technology that has been defined as “reliable and secure” by Westinghouse subsidiary WECNuclear. The Americans also preferred the South Koreans at Henbe.

So, Poland enters nuclear power with a plant equipped with three reactors that will be built near the village of Chuchiu, near the Baltic Sea. It will enter service in 2033. The future power plant represents the first part of a Polish project on atomic energy worth $40 billion, according to the Warsaw government, which is choosing a company that will have to build three additional reactors. In that regard, the selection appears to have already been made since Washington announced that even then Westinghouse would likely be chosen again.

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