The challenge gives the first group to the Brazilians! – OA Sport

The challenge gives the first group to the Brazilians!  – OA Sport

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7-5 Seminyuk plush lube.

6-5 poses parallel by night.

6-4 Wall Kochanowski on a shot from Leal.

5-4 nights playing on the high hands of the wall from the fourth seat.

Mane-Out from Seminyuk 5-3, Poland supports the first half.

4-3 Lucas’s line does not pass.

3-3 diagonal at night three meters.

3-2 Qatari strong Celioca from fourth place.

2-2 still win in the first half by Lucas.

2-1 Diagonal Escape Wallace.

1-1 Cork Workout Grade 2

0-1 starts the first half slices by Lucas.

18:33 The first set to watch was nice, with the teams not expressing their best match yet. It is clear that Brazil so far is better than those seen in previous matches, while Poland is going through a difficult time, especially in attack, where the only player to pass continuously was Kurek (his 8 points, one of which is on the wall).

23-25 ​​EEEEEEE INCREDIBLE! Brazil calls up the challenge and wins the group because there was a net invasion of Celuca that the referees didn’t see!

24-24 is awesome! Defense from the Semenyuk Volleyball Encyclopedia, then Sliuka takes care of her in the attack!

23-24 Murooooo by Kochanowski on Lucarelli, the Brazilians played this point with a small arm.

22-24 Lil joke dies on the net. The honorary diameter has been reintroduced.

21-24 Lille gives Brazil three group points. Diagonal change for South America.

21-23 Mane-out by Couric and Poland back to -2!

20-23 Brazilian service error.

19-23 The first time too high by Flavio, amazing attack.

19-22 Escape Joke Lucas.

18-22 Leal finds my hand on Bieniek’s wall.

18-21 Cork is not present and scored the sixth point in his match.

17-21 Murooooo by Wallace on Semeniuk! A break that savors a lot about set points.

17-20 This time Lucarelli passes in parallel.

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17-19 a bloody error from second place in favor of Lucarelli.

16-19 Cork responds with a shot from second place.

15-19 The fine narrow diameter of Lucarelli, he is the best Brazil seen in this World Cup.

15-18 Kurek Wall on Wallace, Poland Still in the group.

14-18 tube night in a counterattack and the second time for Poland.

14-17 Kaczmarek service error, nominal return of Poland.

14-16 The Brazilians are unlucky in defense, Seleuca’s attack winning.

13-16 Bieniek joke came out on the net.

13-15 first half of Benik.

12-15 Brazil Show! Great defense by Thales, great lift by Fernando and a win by Lucarelli. Diagonal change for Poland.

12-14 diagonal in Wallace two meters!

12-13 Semeniuk invincible parallel.

11-13 Cork error from the second line, this time the timeout was called by Poland.

11-12 Regular Lucarelli tube, it’s time.

11-11 Lucarelli’s service runs away this time.

10-11 Ace from Lucarelli, Brazil takes the lead!

10-10 strong Lucarelli diagonal from second place.

10-9 Kurek plays on Lucarelli high hands.

9-9 seven wonderful from Lucas.

9-8 Cork breaks into fourth this time.

8-8 Cork foul on the second intent, came back in a tie.

8-7 Lucarelli breaks at the hands of the wall and brings his team back to -1.

8-6 first time behind Flavio.

8-5 from Sliwka, who forgives in this way.

7-5 bluff Flavio, Sleuca spoils a great defense of your statement.

7-4 Cork Pass in the middle of the wall from the second line.

6-4 Wallace’s long joke.

Wallace also scores 5-4 from the second row, Brazil back at -1.

5-3 deep parallel to Wallace, great class attack.

5-2 immediately respite for Brazil.

5-2 Moroni de Sleuca on Wallace.

4-2 narrow diagonal of cleuca, first Polish fracture.

3-2 Lucas service does not pass.

2-2 deep the first half of Lucas.

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1-2 Cork training from second place.

1-1 Kochanovsky service error.

1-0 starts immediately with a long exchange concluded by Semenyuk.

17:59 Poland responded with: Semeniuk, Pinnick, Janusz, Couric, Sliuka, Kochanowski, Zatorski.

17:58 This is the Brazilian six: Wallace, Lille, Flavio, Lucas, Lucarelli, Fernando and Tallis.

17:57 Hearing the Polish anthem sing a cappella is always an incredible emotion.

17:56 It’s time for national anthems, it’s creepy!

17:55 We remind you that the winner of this challenge will meet in the final between Slovenia and Italy, the teams that will face each other tonight starting at 21:00.

17:53 Brazil won its group role with three wins and 8 points, in the round of 16 and then beat Iran (3-0), while in the quarter-finals it beat Argentina (3-1).

17:50 Poland reached the semi-finals after winning Group C with 3 wins and 9 points and after beating Tunisia in the round of 16 (3-0) and the quarter-finals, in a real fight, the United States (3-2).

17:47 The challenge today is to reshape what was the Italian World Cup final 4 years ago, and this is a sign of how much these teams have been able to stay on top over the years.

17:44 Poland will go in search of a third title in a row and a third in a row, and Brazil will instead try to win the World Cup for the fourth time in its history.

17:41 The fight for medals finally begins, in Katowice a stunning full house is expected in the first of the two semi-finals scheduled for today.

17:38 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Poland and Brazil, a valid match for the first semi-final of the 2022 FIFA Men’s Volleyball World Cup.

Live broadcast from Italy and Slovenia volleyball from 9:00 pm (World Championship semi-finals)

OA Sport friends good evening and welcome Live broadcast from Poland and Brazil, the match is valid for the first semi-finals of the 2022 FIFA Men’s Volleyball World Cup. In Katowice (Poland), it’s finally time to get serious, and the medal game has officially begun! Poland, spurred on by a crowded arena, will seek a world title for the third time in a row, while Brazil will attempt to win the World Cup for the fourth time in its history.

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Poland reached the semi-finals after winning Group C with three wins and nine points and after beating Tunisia in the round of 16 (3-0) and in the quarter-finals, in a real fight, United (3-2). . Brazil won its group role with three wins and 8 points, and in the round of 16 it defeated Iran (3-0), while it won in the quarter-finals against Argentina (3-1). The winner of this challenge will face the final match between Slovenia and Italy, where they will face each other in the second semi-final starting at 21:00. It is difficult on paper to decide who starts with the candidates, and the challenge is expected to be balanced, Brazil is a very strong formation in attack, but it is a team that has not yet shown its best match in this tournament, perhaps Poland is a more balanced team with Cork Which is the most important characteristic of the team, the absence leon And the Cobiac They can weigh a lot, but paying the public can be the extra weapon.

OA Sport brings you live broadcast from Poland and Brazil, a valid match for the first semi-finals of the 2022 FIFA Men’s Volleyball World Cup, real-time news, minute by minute, movement by movement, point by point, so you don’t really miss anything. The match will start at 18:00!

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