Euro 2024: Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Georgia and Turkey in the round of 16. video

Euro 2024: Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Georgia and Turkey in the round of 16.  video

The group stage of the UEFA Euro 2024 ended in Group E, Slovakia-Romania 1-1 and Ukraine-Belgium 0-0: Romania and Belgium qualified for the round of 16 in the first and second places in the group, and Slovakia qualified as one of the teams. The best of the thirds, Ukraine was eliminated. In Group F, Georgia-Portugal 2-0 and Czech Republic-Turkey 1-2: Portugal already qualified in first place, Turkey in second place, and Georgia qualified in third place for the first time in its history. Outside the Czech Republic

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The group stage of Euro 2024 ended at 6 p.m. Two matches were played in Group E: Slovakia and Romania, which ended in a 1-1 draw, and Ukraine and Belgium, which ended in a goalless draw. Romania and Belgium qualified for the round of 16 in first and second place in the group, while Slovakia qualified as one of the best teams that ranked third, with Ukraine eliminated. At nine o’clock in the evening, the matches of Group F were held: the match between Georgia and Portugal ended 2-0, and the Czech Republic and Turkey ended 1-2. Portugal has already qualified for first place, Turkey has qualified for second place, and Georgia has qualified – for the first time in its history – to the round of 16 among the best third-placed teams. Outside the Czech Republic. Italy qualified for the next round by occupying second place in Group B, and on Saturday, June 29 at 6 p.m., Will face Switzerland. The entire tournament is live on Sky (Groups and calendarQualifiers for the round of 16Report cards).

History of Slovakia and Romania

Slovakia – Romania ends 1-1. Slovakia took the lead in the 24th minute: a cross from the right side, Duda headed past Neta. A few minutes later, a penalty kick for Romania due to a foul by Hanko on Hagi: in the 37th minute Marin took the penalty kick, dislodging Dubravka and making it 1-1. The first half was very balanced and ended in a draw. No goals were scored in the second half, as the two teams played at a slower pace, and both teams settled for a draw, qualifying both to the round of 16. Romania wins the group and will face the Netherlands on July 2 at 6pm, and Slovakia qualifies as one of the best third-placed teams and will play England on June 30 at 6pm.

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The result of the match between Slovakia and Romania is 1-1Highlight)

24′ Duda (R), 37′ Rigor R Marin (M)

Slovakia (4-3-3): Dubravka, Pekaric (47 d. Gomber), Vavro, Skriniar, Hanko, Kuka, Lobotka, Duda (47 d. Peru), Schranz (33 d. Durris), Strelic (25 d.). Poznik), Haraslin (25 Suslov Street). All: Calzone

Romania (4-3-3): Neeta, Ratio, Borka, Dragosin, Banco, R. Marine (41′ Ross St.), m. Marin, Stanciu, Hagi (21′ St), Dragos (22′ Puskas). Coman (13′ Sorescu). Everyone: Iordanescu

to caution: Borka, Banco, Puskas and Duda due to foul play.

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Ukraine-Belgium News

Ukraine – Belgium ends 0-0. First half with few chances. One of the most important is at the feet of Lukaku, who kicks poorly from an excellent position. Yaremchuk and De Bruyne also tried twice. Carrasco, Dovbeck and Malinowski were dangerous in the second half. But the result is not locked. Belgium finished second and qualified for the round of 16, where it will face France on July 1 at 6pm. Ukraine is last in the group and has been eliminated.

The result of the match between Ukraine and Belgium is 0-0.Highlight)

Ukraine (3-5-2): Trubin, Zabarny, Svatuk (36′ St. Yarmolenko), Matvienko, Timchik, Shabarenko (25′ St. Vanat), Prajko (25′ St. Stepanenko), Sudakov, Mikulenko (13′ St. Zinchenko); Yaremchuk (25 Malinovsky Street), Dovbek. All: Reprov

Belgium (4-3-3): Castiles, Weiss, Vertonghen, Theat, Castagne, De Bruyne, Onana, Tielemans (62 min. Mangala), Doku (32 min. Bakayoko), Trossard (17 Carrasco Street). Lukaku (minute 45, Obenda). All: Tedesco

to caution: Weiss is already 42′, Dovpik is already 24′ sh.

History of Georgia and Portugal

The match between Georgia and Portugal ended 2-0. Georgia takes the lead after two minutes: a mistake by Antonio Silva, Mikautadze receives the ball and sends Kvaratskhelia, who is only beaten by Diogo Costa. The first half ended with the score 1-0 for Georgia, and Portugal tried to respond, but Mamardashvili blocked it. In the second half, a penalty kick for Georgia after a foul by Silva on Lukoshvili: In the 57th minute, Mikautadze executed the penalty kick without making a mistake. The result ended 2-0 for Georgia, which qualified for the round of 16 in the best third place: for the first time in its history. They will face Spain on June 30 at 9pm, Portugal had already qualified first and will play Slovenia on July 1 at 9pm.

The result of the match between Georgia and Portugal is 2-0Highlight)

2′ Bt Kvaratskhelia, 12′ Strict Mikautadze St.

Georgia (3-4-1-2): Mamardashvili; Lukoshvili (18 Tsitishvili Street), Kashia, Gvilsiani (31 Kverkveliya Street); Kakabadze, Kokhorashvili, Ketishvili, Dvali; Chakvetadze (36 Mkvabishvili Street); Mikautadze, Kvaratskhelia (36 Davitashvili Street). All: Sagnole

Portugal (4-3-3): Diogo Costa; Dalot, Antonio Silva (21 El Nelson Semedo), Danilo, Inacio; Joao Neves (30′ Mateus Nunes), Baleña (1′ Ruben Neves), Pedro Neto (30′ Diogo Jota’); Francisco Conceicao, Ronaldo (21st minute, Gonzalo Ramos), Joao Felix. Everyone: Martinez

to caution: Ronaldo 28, Neto 44, Neves 8.

File photo dated 09/12/2005 of a general view of the Olympic Stadium. The stadiums where the matches will be held. Release date: Monday, June 3, 2024.

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Czech Republic-Türkiye News

The match between the Czech Republic and Turkey ended 1-2. After 20 minutes, the match became an uphill battle for Hasek’s team: Barak was sent off for a double yellow card, after scoring the first goal in the 11th minute. The first half ended 0-0. In the 51st minute, Türkiye took the lead with Calhanoglu’s goal. In the 66th minute, the Czech Republic returns to the match thanks to Soucek’s goal. Türkiye concludes it in the 94th minute through Tosun. It ends 2-1 for the Turks, who qualify for second place in the group and will play against Austria on July 2 at 9pm.

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Result of the match between the Czech Republic and Turkey 1-2 (Highlight)

6′ Calhanoğlu Street (T), 21′ Soucek Street (R), 49′ Tosun Street (T)

Republica Sica (3-4-1-2): Stanic (10 Kovar St.), Holz, Hranac, Krejci, Koval, Soucek, Provod (30′ Linger St.), D. Jurasic (36′ M. Jurasic), Barac , Chitil (10′ 11 Kuchta St.), Hlozek (10′ Curie St.). All: Hasek

Türkiye (4-2-3-1): Junuk, Kadioglu, Demiral, Akydin, Muldur, Ozcan (1′ Ayhan), Yuksik (18′ Yukuslu), Yildiz (30′ Akturcuglu), Calhanoglu (42′). Coco). ), Guler (30 Tosun Street), Yilmaz. Everyone: Montilla

to caution: Ozcan, Yildiz, Yuksek, and Akydin due to violations, Cech, Calhanoglu, Gunuk, Muldur, Garos, Cerf, Çakir, Kreci, Ayhan due to illegal behavior.

evictionBarak and Juri receive the second yellow card.

LEIPZIG, GERMANY - JUNE 24: Mattia Zaccagni of Italy celebrates with his teammates after scoring his team's first goal during the UEFA Euro 2024 group stage match between Croatia and Italy at RB Leipzig Football Stadium on June 24, 2024 in Leipzig, Germany.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images for Italian Football Federation)

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