How to get the maximum discount on the car

How to get the maximum discount on the car

Waiting to be published in Official Gazettethe government signed a document confirming the renewal Car Incentives All this year: a feature specifically designed to shock a sector in difficulty and to encourage the purchase of electric cars, which never worked. It should be noted, however, that the bonus amounts are certainly lower than what the executive has declared, perhaps with too much emphasis.

The most important economic support, as expected, is the support related to buying electric cars, which is still by far the most expensive on the market: but as might be expected, this scale is lower than expected. The cap of €35,000 + VAT has been confirmed for cars that have access to the incentive, and the bonus is instead reduced to €3,000, to which another €2,000 can be added in the event of a Class 4 car-wheel drive scrapped to 5 euro. All this, as expected, only for electric cars, for which the government has allocated 650 million divided over 3 years (220 million in 2022, 230 in 2023, 245 in 2024).

For other types of cars on the market, the reward decreases as emissions increase. For those who have emissions between 1 and 60 g/km (Hybrid components) Maximum increases to 45 thousand euros + VAT: the contribution is two thousand euros plus another two thousand in case of scrapping. In this case, government coverage is 225 million in 2022, 235 in 2023, and 245 in 2024.

For cars with emissions between 61 and 135 g/km Maximum €35,000 + VAT: The incentive is €2,000, but it can only be requested in the case of scrapping a car of less than €5, in which case the loan is 170 million in 2022, 150 in 2023 and 120 in 2024.

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also Two-wheeled vehicles They fall within the categories for which Ecobonus incentives are provided: therefore, scooters, hybrid and electric scooters are indicated. The bonus will correspond to 30% of the list price of the car, up to a maximum of 3 thousand euros. For those who decide to part with a car from 0 Euro to Euro 3, however, the incentive can be up to 40% for a ceiling of 4 thousand euros. For those who choose to buy a motorcycle with a typical combustion engine instead, the bonus of 40% off the purchase price, capped at €2,500, will only be usable with scrap.

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