The broadcaster is terrified: the tragedy lives on

The broadcaster is terrified: the tragedy lives on

In Rai, she is a well-known and beloved broadcaster who was so scared during the broadcast of one of her programs that she seriously risked panicking. What happened before her eyes truly left her speechless. But what happened?

She is a great professional with a long history behind her noble profession, But despite that, she was still very impressed with the scene that happened recently. Fact story…

Ray Yobe

It can happen that, in the name of acute and subtle sensitivity, we get scared to death when we are spectators of a fact that we would never want to happen because it concerns someone we respect and relate to. A sincere feeling of appreciation and friendship. If it is then there in the middle healthwhich is our most precious gift, though we often say to ourselves, the discussion becomes – so to speak – more earnest…

There is no doubt that even when you are working with sheer passion and utter dedication on a TV project that has dazzled you and literally kept you glued for many years Millions and millions of TV viewers, The performance anxiety of the whole team, whether in front or behind the scenes, is really very high and pressure. So it happens that sometimes, with the specific aim of giving as much as possible, there is even a risk of self-harm …

And this is what happened – unfortunately – recently on the right track Dancing with the starsthe Saturday evening program of Rai 1, which is about to reach its final stages again this year as a great competitor, so beloved by Italians, is seriously injured … But let’s get to the facts story …

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fear a dance For the contestant, Millie’s Panic!

Gabriel Garco who proves more and more not only that he is a charming man and a good actor, but also a strong showman, convincing more and more, episode after episode, even the very fierce jury, of his talent as a dancer who puts in the light paired with the wonderful master Jade Lenny.

Milli Carlucci is worried about Gabriel Garco
Miley and Gabriel Yobi

The fact is that recently the artist was forced to perform, because injuriesor arm-dancing in a cast, but even so, he had no trouble “bringing home the dance performances” noteworthy. The fact is that during her last performance she continues to dance although her shoelaces are untied and that worries – and also greatly – the wonderful. Millie Carlucci that she was afraid he might fall to the ground, which – in fact – she risked doing, by striking him hard The arm is really weak!

What I imagined and what passed before my eyes was that you stumbled into a snare and fell on your arm! I feared the worst, you would fall on my arm. Look, you hit me‘, the landlady confessed dance To Garko who reassured her about it and promised sparks regarding her upcoming performance on the track!

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