Fiat Panda, legends never fade: how in 2023 it will be an incredible turning point, the break with the past is total

Fiat Panda, legends never fade: how in 2023 it will be an incredible turning point, the break with the past is total

The Fiat Panda is one of the historic car models of the Piedmontese car factory. Over the years, I’ve known many versions, some very different from each other and clearly aimed at different audiences. The new version of the Panda could arrive next year and promises a series of innovations that will certainly not leave indifferent the fans of this car…

We know very well that at the moment all the brands of the Stellantis group, also including FIAT, have embarked on a very important renewal of their catalog, which over the course of this decade should lead to the release of a series of new models that have been specifically designed to drive the group’s ecological transformation .

Obviously the attraction of the long-awaited models of recent years, Fiat Panda certainly could not miss. Over the years this has certainly become one of the favorite cars of all Italian motorists who always have positive memories of a reliable and indestructible car associated with this car.

This car’s reputation for ruggedness has certainly helped make its subsequent reinterpretation equally successful, with the latest version going into production in 2011, scheduled to be removed from the catalog in 2026. In fact, it will most likely be the last internal combustion engine car from Fiat production.

Panda 2022-2023, a lot of news and surprises

We know very little background about the new Panda model, which is set to be launched in 2023. We do know, in fact, that in a very similar fashion to the previous models, this will appear as a small B-segment, confirming its desire to be a city car.

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One of the phrases that will characterize the new entrants to the Stellantis range will be the absolute personalization of the vehicle. In fact, at launch, the Panda will launch in different versions and engines from the base featuring air conditioning and radio all the way to the fully optional Cross 4×4.

Obviously, as we can easily imagine, the bulk of the news is found when we take a look at the engines. The new Panda will arrive with petrol fuel and mild hybrid technology, but above all, its fully electric versions will be available immediately with battery autonomy that should range between 350 and 450 kilometers, depending on driving conditions.

Just like the other companies in the group, therefore, electric models will be accompanied by a gasoline-powered thermal engine that will have to keep up with the transformation especially in those countries, such as Italy and Spain, where the adoption of electric vehicles is still lagging behind compared to other countries.

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