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He went down to the street, armed and in a T-shirt: the patrol was in the area and intervened at the right time

A man without a shirt tried to attack some people with a knife in Bislet area, a Oslo
Killed by clients. Director of Police Operations, Tore Solberg, said on Norwegian Radio (Nrk). The attacker was taken to Olival Hospital after police shot him and succumbed to his injuries.

Only one officer will be injured, in a non-serious way. Norwegian media quoted police chief Torger Brenden as saying that a patrol was close to the site of the attack and was able to stop the man.

At first they have agents I tried to run over her When he tried to stab a person, but the police car hit a wall and at this turn, the man attacked the customers.

We are not ruling out any causes, but at this point there is nothing to suggest that A terrorist attackPolice Inspector Egel Jurgen Brecke told reporters. According to some witnesses, the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack. But this is data that must be verified.

According to the Norwegian newspaper world gangbe the aggressor Russian in his thirties Who, in December 2020, was forced to undergo psychiatric treatment after a knife attack a year earlier, also in Oslo. Videos posted on social media show the suspect shirtless and armed with a large knife.

Less than a month ago, in Kongsberg in southern Norway, A 37-year-old man armed with a bow and arrow killed four women and a man.

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