Science and science fiction are an “explosive” mixture.

Science and science fiction are an “explosive” mixture.

Potenza – the sixth edition that promises to present many surprises, opening many opportunities for encounter between enthusiasts, the curious and professionals of a magical world, is the first edition of the Lucanian Comicon, “Lucania is comics”, hosted by Potenza on October 14 and 15 and which witnesses an amazing fusion of Comics, games, cosplay, retro gaming, and fantasy.

“We have divided the large complex that welcomes us into zones, which is the “Mazzola” sports center on Via Roma, in the city,” – Christian Aksept, president of the Nerdworks Cultural Association, founder and organizer of the event, told us. There is a stage for parties that will be held throughout the two days, in the area directly in front of you; However, upon entering, on the ground floor we have exhibitors coming from Campania, Puglia and Basilicata, with the market area and places reserved for publishing houses and others to interview our exceptional guests. However, upstairs, there are local and national activities, associations offering nerd-themed activities, seminars and moments where you can view and buy comics, where you can try out board games, live-action role-playing games, and why not, you can go back to your childhood. Through the first video games and attending performances by cosplayers and themed shows.”

Where does this highly organized event originate? “The association I head is eight years old and all its members are united by a great passion for this rich and diverse universe. We followed festivals all over Italy, until we felt the desire to build one in our own land. We wanted to include many collections, so a container for many facts was born, with a special interest in science fiction. But not only that, in this case the meeting between science and science fiction takes place, considering that we have planned a specific and in-depth scientific publication with academics, researchers, scientists but also specialists in digital and cinematic arts. We also wanted to give a sustainable footprint, as much as possible, to this event, by reducing the amount of printed materials and trying not to waste food and thus donating the surplus food to the “Magazzini Sociali” association that deals with the recovery.”

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Image of the annual edition is unpublished. What does it represent? “It is a drawing by Andrea Dentotto, the first European to paint the most famous lupine in Japan. “His gift has become our image of 2023.” An opportunity for the general public to experience a lively atmosphere and get closer to those with whom they work; think for example of Artist Alley, a free, open space, available to designers, illustrators, colorists, emerging young people and already established professionals which aims to Encouraging the language of storyboards, illustrations and more, through many different techniques and with their own styles and themes.

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