Sardinia, in the United States, preview of the new film by Giovanni Coda

Sardinia, in the United States, preview of the new film by Giovanni Coda

In the US, Giovanni Cuda movie preview.

Everything is ready for the US world premiere of Giovanni Coda’s new movieBride in the wind“. there will be Social Justice Film Festival and Institute From Seattlein the state of Washington (West Coast – USA), To host October 3 at 6 pmin spaces University HeightsAnd the International premiere The director’s new film work, Photographer and video maker Cagliari, these days already Seattle To prepare presentations.

the filmAnd the Written and directed by Giovanni Coda and produced by Movie Factory Written by Francesco Montini with contribution Autonomous Region of Sardinia With the support of the Sardegna Film Commission, the Fondazione di Sardegna and Quarto Sant’Elena MunicipalityIt deals with the topic of gender-based violence, abuse and femicide, e He sees a prominent participation in the cast from the actress Yilmaz Greenhouse and the actor Lorenzo BalducciWith Julia Vaca, Lily Mazzella, Renata Manca and Rachel Montes.

“Bride in the wind” is a 80 minute long feature filma snapshot between the outer and inner parts, whose duration evolves over a period covering the whole Twentieth centuryto try to figure out how, especially in the last century, this violent social scourge has emerged from the darkness e From the silence of the victimsToday, you finally find one vote, one vote Media coverage, which, however, does not appear to be able to turn off intensity and frequency. Between fiction, animation, interviews and testimonies, different languagesYes, the heroines of “The Bride in the Wind” They will meet to give life againbut above all voice and body, to struggle for affirmation, for right of expressionfor their own lives. Especially in a symbolic society like that of Sardinia, where the woman is the The company’s fulcrumRather, a victim of unspeakable massacres wasted between interior wallsIt has no power in the face of oppression and ignorance in its broadest sense. The stories of women who came back together, an allegory about “Gender-based violenceAfter the international premiere in Seattle of the Social Justice Film Festival and Institute, the film will be shown for the first time in Cagliari The 25 November 2022“.

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