Brave and Beautiful 2 June 29, 2022: Episode

Brave and Beautiful 2 June 29, 2022: Episode

Progress bravely and beautifully 2 June 29, 2022

Brave and beautiful 2 What time will it air on June 29, 2022? 16:00 On the Canale 5 premiere in Italy, unless there are schedule differences. If you are unable to catch up on programs on TV, you can always redeem the episode on Mediaset Infinity On Demand. To access the catalog, simply create an account for free.

Find below progress Brave and beautiful 2 On June 29, 2022!

Sezin Akbasogullari (Cahide Korludag) in a scene from the movie “Brave and Beautiful 2”. Credits: Mediaset

Brave and Beautiful 2 Episode 65 Conspiracy

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victorious He is still too young to fend for himself. hulia Requests Kahid to deal with it. The latter agrees to take care of him.

Sohan He’s been through a lot. Among the most recent shocks is death korhan He witnessed the kidnapping. While abducting her, she managed to attract the attention of a passerby. It is by chance near the house in which she is being held, and the woman cannot miss the opportunity to escape from a man who has repeatedly shown that he has no qualms about murder. So he stops the stranger and asks him to borrow the phone to call will visit. His plan worked because he called him and knew his position. to improveStill beside himself with the loss of his son, he goes with him will visit to save her. Risa plays one last card to undermine his happiness Suhan and Sisur. Sohan In coma. Even though she doesn’t realize she has had great dreams, she and Sisore were ultimately happy champions. They are committed and happy to be able to love each other freely. Not only that, but they also find themselves in a position to share their serenity with the whole family.

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Risa He is not mentally healthy. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Look for the support of a nurse to help him escape. His plan is to leave the country as soon as possible. He is about to do it with the help of a boat, except that revenge is – in fact – a dish that must be served cold. to improve She is still mourning the death of her son. will visit He was not forgiven for everything he did Sohan. So the boat and escape are nothing but traps that make him fall into the trap. for one time Risa Didn’t expect it.

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