The Anoincs Farrés Brothers and CIA Murmut present in Barcelona

The Anoincs Farrés Brothers and CIA Murmut present in Barcelona

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The Anoy Farrés Brothers i cia company, founded by Pep Farrés, Jordi Farrés and Jordi Palet, is going through a great moment in its career, as it will stage five shows in the coming months. The company also announced that one of its most intimate shows, “Dins el cau del Tabalet,” will be performed in its Spanish version (La Madriguera) at the FETÉN festival in Gijon.

From February 28 to March 10, they will have a season in Barcelona Mormut, created by Jordi Balliet and Tony Obach, is about the need for protection. These ten performances at the Tantaranto Theater are expected to be the last of a piece whose composition began before the pandemic and which has already had twenty performances.

“We preserve, collect, and collect things, sounds, and memories that protect us. Mormut “It's a theater of things to talk about things that make us feel safe… or so we think,” explained creator Jordi Paliet. Unlike most montages From the family of Fares the brothers, Mormut It is a work for adults, a poetic piece that combines, with a subtle sense of humour, the theater of objects, text and live music. It talks about how we are all out in the open even though we are always looking for safety. How we cling to things as a kind of buoyancy. A very delicate creation that everyone can feel connected to.

Jordi Balliet, who usually takes on the role of director and dramaturg, now takes the stage alongside Tony Ubach, who performs the music live, although it is usually reserved for lighting. Mormut He had the outside look of a specialist in the theater of things, Xavier Puppieswho will participate in the conversation Post post With the company on March 7.

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On the other hand, the company announced that one of its most intimate shows, “Dins el cau del Tabalet”, will be shown in its Spanish version (La Madriguera) in Phytin, the most important theater festival for all audiences in Spain, together with Mostra Igualada, where you can also see it, in functions in Catalan and English. The company therefore wants to bet on the internationalization of this small show for twenty-five spectators, which has already premiered in Italy and which has a long tour prepared for 2024.

In parallel, Orbital and Tripola tours and their latest creations, HohehoWho was seen last summer at the Greek Festival IA Tarija GalleryAnd next February 25 will be in Capilades. The company celebrated bringing this show to the city that inspired part of the work, which is set in an archaeological find, as is the case with the Roman coat. In addition to all the shows they have in the pipeline, they're hoping to be able to pull some of the shows in their portfolio to make room for a new creation, which they've already announced will be released at the end of the year and will be based on a contemporary story.

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