Singer and musician Mark Lanigan has passed away

Mark Lanigan, the former singer and co-founder of American rock band Screaming Trees, who was then the champ of a successful solo career from the 1990s onwards, died Tuesday morning. Causes of death unknown: a press release The post on his official Twitter profile simply says that Lanegan passed away at his home in Killarney, Ireland. Lanigan was 57 years old, and in 2021 he was very seriously ill with Covid-19, then he described the experience in BookIn which he also says he regrets his belief in conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

Lanigan began his musical career in the mid-1980s with the band The Screaming Trees, considered one of the first bands in the world. grunge With Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, with whom they shared their state of origin (they were all part of the music scene in Washington, in the Northwest USA). Lanegan gave a strong and well-known character to the Screaming Trees with a deep voice from the singer More than being the leader of a rock band.

But in his prolific career, he has had many collaborations with other groups and artists, including Kurt Cobain, Moby, Nico Kiss and Isobel Campbell of Belle and Sebastian, among others. In addition to releasing 11 solo records, Lanegan was part of the Queen of the Stone Age and helped found the Gutter Twins.

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