Demonstration for the right to abortion in front of Judge Gavana’s house

(Chevy Chase) Chanting “My Body, My Voice”, abortion rights defenders on Monday evening accused U.S. Supreme Court Judge Brett Gavana of seeking to break this 1970s record. .

Under police surveillance, about sixty people marched through the vicinity of the convenient Chevy Chase neighborhood on the outskirts of Washington to the magistrate’s house, which was closed even though the lights were on.

“The Supreme Court violates our rights and Fred Cavanaugh plays a key role in that,” said Sofia Geiger, 18, noting that the High Court’s refusal to block the first-ever prohibited Texas law.There is September Almost all abortions in this vast state.

“We held several women’s rallies, clearly he did not get the message. So now we want him to feel the results directly,” she added, adding that the goal of the procession of her results – the extraordinary explanation.

“We’re coming to see where he works,” said Nadine Bloch, a member of the Shutdown DC organization and event organizer, which led to the closure of the High Court since the outbreak began. “We’re starting with Brett, but we’m not going to go to the others …”

At the rally, Nancy, 75, explained that she had been fighting for “the right to choose” since the 1960s. Even after Row. In 1973, when the Supreme Court recognized that women have the right to perform abortions, she was vigilant.

The Texas resident saw Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s “very planned and gradual” efforts and regretted that poor women could not move to neighboring states.

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Judge Cavanaugh, one of the six Tory judges and one of the three appointed by Donald Trump, hopes to pull himself together if the case returns – for substantial consideration – to the court. “He has a powerful voice and he can hear mine.”

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