A dual agreement was signed between Ferrara and Toledo (USA)

Ferrara celebrated its dual division with the American city of Toledo (Ohio State) yesterday, November 9, where Jeep was born, an important commercial and manufacturing hub, also known as the Glass City, because its skyscrapers reflect water. Lake Lake.

For the event, Mayor Alan Fabre welcomed his U.S. representative, Wade Kapsukovich, to the Municipal Palace, in the presence of US Ambassador General Ragini Gupta, as well as several members of the Council, including Commissioner Michael Gurrini, and representatives of a large organization. Of entrepreneurs.

Prizes were exchanged following the signing of the Intervention and Cooperation Documents – including glass city keys made in Toledo and Estee Ceramic provided by Fabri – and lunch together.

The delegation will stay in Ferrara for a few days and visit the city. Spall leader Joe Tacopina also participated with his own video message. The twins were born into the game. The driving force behind the merger between the two cities, the ‘agreement’ signed by the two first citizens, was actually ‘Rafello Bellegrini’, the head of the ‘Eagles’ (second football division) and Pro Sport. Essence, Game Promotion. From the friendship with Nick Aid, a local American player and businessman who plays in the Italian League, the idea of ​​creating an institutional link between cities, now one of the most important entrepreneurs in Toledo, was born.

“I am delighted to welcome my colleague Kapsukovich and his community to Ferrara. This is the most important moment in our history – Fabri said – and in an environment that is certainly difficult due to the epidemic, we hope that these twins can benefit in the future. Today we want to lay solid and sustainable foundations for projects and exchanges in the economic, cultural, educational and social spheres. We will make no effort to look for opportunities for both of us. Ferrara and Toledo are thousands of kilometers apart, but very close in terms of the search for opportunities and growth.

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“The duo – the US mayor said – is based on a very solid common ground: our specialized universities, especially in terms of engineering. In addition, they both boast a deeply rooted sports culture and a solid production base. I’m thinking of the Jeep that was invented in 1941 in Toledo.” In 1931, Toledo was the first in history to sign a dual treaty with the city of the same name in Spain. ” It reflects our minds well.

“This is one of the first U.S. delegates to visit Emilia-Romagna after the dark days of the epidemic. Foundations and is in real and genuine friendship, which is built from the relationships between individuals, cities, and socio-cultural-economic relations. I can not wait to see the first results of this friendly agreement. “I was proud to be Ferrara ” ambassador ‘, and in the past I am proud to have contributed to corporate settlements and today, to the signatures of these twin children who were born out of friendship on the playgrounds. I hope this will be the starting point, ”said President Spall Dacopina – who thanked the mayors – noting that Ferrara was“ wonderful ”and that his goal would be to bring Biancasuri to the highest level: And shares the presence of individuals who want to create entrepreneurial projects. I firmly believe that cooperation will pay off. The event was attended by Commissioner Andrea Magee, who stressed the common bond with the waters of the two cities and the “miracles” that the game performs, “today’s game has the potential to create important collaboration, be useful. Development.”

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Lou Tosi, a member of the board of directors of Niaf, the Italian National Foundation for Italians, underscored the excellent representation of the community in Toledo and the general sensibility for the arts: “We will soon begin an exhibition dedicated to Caravaggio”. James Hardung, head of international twins in Toledo of Italian descent, said he was “excited” to celebrate the twins’ birth: “not a piece of paper, but a dynamic deal capable of bringing about tangible changes and innovations”. The event was attended by Jeff Shook, owner of Ohio State’s most important television station.

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