The absurd rule he broke

The absurd rule he broke

A saleswoman was fired from the store where she worked for TikTok: here’s the ridiculous rule she broke

Platforms like TikTok can be cross-platform and exhilarating. Through them you can watch many interesting videos or in return you can gain popularity. But at the same time, the published footage reaches everyone, even their employers in some cases. Therefore, we must be careful, so as not to take the same risk as the protagonist of our article: the contract.

We move to the United States. Here a saleswoman in the well-known Wal-Mart chain was fired from her job, despite having worked in the store for more than 16 years. According to what the employee herself admits, the dismissal would have occurred because of some TikToks that revealed more difficult and inhumane aspects of the job in detail. Steph, known as @stephunleashed on the well-known Chinese social network, previously held a very important position: that of store manager, that is, the person who always supports her team, making herself personally sure that the goals of the people are in line with those of the company and planning the improvement of the store through meetings. But let’s move on in order. Why was the woman expelled? What rule did he break?

Saleswoman promptly fired after ridiculous TikTok: After 16 years, she’s even retaliating against the store

On Jan. 9, Steph made the news of her class on TikTok where she broke one of the T-shirts usually used by Walmart employees and says she’s happy with her newfound freedom. The next day, the saleswoman explained that some would be precisely the video they were going to take her out of work. In the video in question, the woman talks about the worst inventory she’s ever made, as she scanned all the products in the store with her colleagues.

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The saleswoman explained, in the video complaint, that at that time she barely slept three and a half hours a night, given that all of the store’s employees were working late to get through the day. For most of Steve’s followers, the video is really harmless. This is how many commented in solidarity with the woman. Then someone finally gave a reasonable answer, a “ridiculous” rule that a Wal-Mart employee allegedly broke.

Walmart has a social media policy that you may have inadvertently violated by logging in during your shift, particularly in the back store.said a former manager of a well-known chain of stores, explaining that when he was still working there he was required to monitor employees so that they did not pick up phones. Anyway, Steph got her revenge on TikTok — right where she was ‘blown’: she made a series of videos showing complete disregard for her former job and the destruction of the uniform she wore during her 16-year career.

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