The Fiat Panda’s rival has arrived: at this price, which everyone wants, it has already been discounted

The Fiat Panda’s rival has arrived: at this price, which everyone wants, it has already been discounted

A new arrival on the electric city car market promises a battle against the FIAT Panda thanks to the exceptional price

The city car segment seems to be entering a period of decline due to the increasing rise in purchase prices due to the continuous increase in raw materials and mandatory equipment imposed by European road safety regulations. This would have caused the aforementioned segment to overlap with the next segment of compact cars, such as the Clio or Corsa so to speak, making the car operated by Panda & Co no longer competitive.

Fiat Panda shaking (AllaGuida)

The general increase in list prices, which has also seen prices for larger categories rise, as well as the increase in the dimensions of city cars themselves needed to justify their higher cost, means that the extinction of city cars has not happened and, in fact, they seem to have found a new life thanks to the new very comfortable electric variants. In urban centers and for limited travel, where the smaller battery capacity does not seem to be a problem for users, who do not need greater autonomy up to 200 kilometers per day.

Citroën ë-C3 is the new compact electric car that focuses entirely on attractive price and premium comfort

Citroën officially presented its car A new version of the C3 compact car and it does it with a 100% electric setupHence its new name: ë-C3. It will be produced in Slovakia, at the Trnava plant and will be based on the Stellantis Smart platform, on which the group’s other sisters will also be produced, including the popular FIAT Panda that should debut in 2026.

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New Citroen e-C3
New French charter focuses on price and comfort ( –

The French compact car has managed to avoid increasing in size as its competitors often do with each redesign, staying within 4 meters (4.1 meters to be precise) indicative of the segment of which it has been part for more than 20 years now. It follows contemporary fashion, crossover fashionIt wears raw plastic bumpers and has a higher ground clearance than the outgoing model. also The shoe meets the category standards With a capacity of 310 liters: not bad considering that we are talking about an electric car.

Equipped with a 113 hp motor and a 44 kWh batteryThe ë-C3 is capable of covering a distance of up to 320 kilometers in the combined cycle, and the charging system of up to 100 kW allows it to refuel from 20 to 80 percent in just 26 minutes, while it is able to provide acceleration from 0 and accelerate to 100 km. /hour in 11 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 135 km/hour. the The purchase price at launch for this version is 23,900 euroswhich will be followed by another in 2025 equipped with a smaller capacity battery which should be below the 20,000 euro threshold.

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